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Lost, Injured or Stray Animals

Have you lost your pet or do you want to report a stray, injured or dead animal? This is what you need to know.

injured dog

  • Injured animal 

    If you come across an injured animal, this is what you should do:

    • Do not yell or make abrupt gestures. This might further stress the animal.
    • Avoid handling the animal unless necessary. If you do handle it, wear gloves.
    • If possible, isolate the animal in a calm place, in the shade, preferably in a box, with holes for aeration.
    • Do not try to provide care to the animal. It could have negative consequences.
    • Do not give it anything to eat or drink without first getting advice from a veterinarian.

    Then report the injured animal to the SPCA Roussillon.

    Dead animal 

    It is prohibited to throw dead animals or parts of dead animals in the garbage. If you find a dead animal, please contact the SPCA Roussillon, which will pick it up. If the animal is on the road and hindering traffic outside of the SPCA opening hours, you can contact the Service de police de Châteauguay.

  • Lost animal 

    If you have lost your animal, please contact the SPCA Roussillon to provide a description.

    If your animal has a licence, you can also report that it is missing on Emili – Animal manager. An alert will be sent to users in the area where it went missing.

    Finally, the SPCA Roussillon website posts photos of animals found in the area. If you recognize your animal, contact the organization. An employee will ask you several questions to ensure you are the legitimate owner. The SPCA Roussillon reserves the right to ask you for a photo of your pet.

    Found or stray animal 

    Any animal found wandering free in city territory may be captured and kept in a shelter for three days. If the owner of the animal is found, capture and care fees may be charged, as well as a licence fee. If the owner cannot be found after this period, the animal may be put up for adoption. This is why it is so important for your pet to wear a tag.

    If you find an animal that seems to be lost or abandoned, you can contact the SPCA Roussillon to provide a description of the animal and the place where you found it. The SPCA Roussillon will pick up the animal and take it to a secure location. Measures will be taken to return the animal to its owner. If the animal is wearing a tag, you can also use the Emili – Animal manager platform to find the owner, by entering the tag number in the search engine.

  • Like many municipalities, Châteauguay is struggling with feline overpopulation. Often underfed, these stray cats develop serious diseases and become vulnerable.

    Under its agreement with the city, the SPCA Roussillonhas set up a TNRM (trap, neuter, release, maintain) program for stray cats, which is a humane, efficient and economical way to reduce the overpopulation of alley cats.

    This measure, which has been established in many cities in Québec and throughout the world, reduces litters and nuisances associated with alley cats (fights, nighttime meowing, territory marking and the smell of urine).

    The SPCA Roussillon identifies colonies of stray cats based on citizen reports and captures them using box traps. The captured cats are taken to a veterinarian where they are examined, vaccinated, dewormed and neutered. Their left ear is “tipped” (a painless practice that removes the top quarter-inch of the ear, the international sign for a neutered stray cat). After a short convalescence, cats that are “wild” – that is, antisocial – are returned to their environment and adoptable cats are made available to families.


    Flyer of the TNRM program

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Answers to your questions

  • If you have stray cats on your property, contact the SPCA Roussillon, which will provide you with cages to trap them. Once the cat is in the cage, the SPCA Roussillon will come and get it.

  • If the dog seems dangerous, contact the Service de police de Châteauguay, but if it seems harmless, contact the SPCA Roussillon. You can give them a description of the animal and the place where you saw it. If it is wearing a tag, you can also find the owner by entering the tag number in the Emili – Animal manager platform.

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