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Emergency Measures Plan

To protect the entire population from a life-threatening event, Ville de Châteauguay has established a civil security plan that is updated periodically.

Emergency measures committee

The emergency measures committee is made up of experienced and trained members representing all the city services that have a specific role to play in an emergency, under the supervision of the emergency measures coordinator. The committee establishes prevention and intervention measures that allow for the fastest and most effective action in the event of catastrophic events, natural disasters or massive accidents.

  • If an event occurs that endangers the life or health of the public, the city will:

    • Issue a telephone message to the target population or the entire public, using the Info-Alerte system
    • Update the information on the website
    • Sound a distinctive alarm in the city streets, different from the sound of ambulance, police or fire sirens
    • Set up and provide emergency and public support services (water distribution, temporary beds, etc.)
    • Inform the people concerned hourly (schools, healthcare establishments, etc.)
    • Be equipped to work closely with other authorities (boards, police, governments, etc.)
    • Stay alert for alarms sounded in your neighbourhood
    • Warn and reassure friends and family members
    • Have on hand an emergency kit to meet your family’s needs for at least 72 hours (water, food, medication, etc.)
    • Tune in to the radio to monitor the emergency
    • Check the city’s website
    • Check for messages left by the city on your voice mail

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