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Châteauguay municipal buildings and activities: Châteauguay provides information on application of the vaccine passport which all details are available at

Published on 02 September 2021

Châteauguay, September 2, 2021 – As announced by the Gouvernement du Québec, the introduction of the vaccine passport system for people aged 13 and up is now effective since Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

This passport will allow access to some locations or participation in some activities only to people who are adequately protected or those who have a clinical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccination.

Use of this passport will be limited to activities deemed non-essential that are held at locations where the risk of transmission between people is high. These activities include events and festivals, performance halls and locations where sporting events are held, cinemas, fitness centres, team sports, and several other activities. It will consequently not be necessary to present a vaccine passport to access municipal buildings or attend a municipal council meeting.

Application of the passport by Ville de Châteauguay

Ville de Châteauguay will apply the measure at outdoor events it organizes:

  • FOLK/TRAD weekend;
  • Opening and unveiling of the winners of the photo contest;
  • Outdoor concerts;
  • Carnival of little monsters;
  • Grande marche Pierre Lavoie.

Châteauguay will also apply the rule for activities in its performance halls and at the Galerie La Seigneurie:

  • Château Scènes shows
  • Horror film all-nighter
  • Ciné-club
  • Conferences
  • Openings

A vaccine passport will not be needed for participants, neither for the accompanier, to take part in cultural and scientific leisure activities, which include most of our courses and workshops (music, language, theatre, painting, cooking lessons, etc.). However, this exclusion does not apply to dance and circus for which the vaccine passport will be required.

Bibliothèque Raymond-Laberge is exempt from the requirement to ask its users to present the vaccine passport, whether they wish to browse collections, use workspaces, take part in cultural activities, attend events, etc. It is also possible to go to the library to print your QR code, where the library staff can help you.

Each activity and/or event for which the vaccine passport is required will also be identified on our website by the following icon:


For shows or ciné-club movies, the vaccine passport will be checked on entering the venue, at the same time as the tickets, with proof of identity (card with a photo). If the viewer does not meet the requirements, access to the venue will be refused.

Châteauguay will also inform all organizations that coordinate events and activities at its premises, buildings, playing fields and sports facilities (including parks, sports fields, arena and gymnasiums) that it is mandatory for the organization running the events and activities to apply measures (social distancing, vaccine passport checks, etc.).

Application of the vaccine passport does not exclude other sanitary measures (hand washing, face masks in some situations, etc.) and Ville de Châteauguay intends to comply.

For more information on the vaccine passport and for more recent updates on COVID-19, please go to

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