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Châteauguay Elects a New City Council

Published on 09 November 2021

Like many other citizens across Quebec, Châteauguay’s electorate went to the polls on municipal voting day, Sunday, November 7th. After the votes were counted, the election chairperson, George Dolhan, confirmed the election of Éric Allard to the position of mayor of Châteauguay.

In addition to Éric Allard, 8 councillors were elected in the city’s eight districts: Barry Doyle (District 1 – de la Noue), Arlene Bryant (District 2 – du Filgate), Éric Corbeil (District 3 – de Robutel), Lucie Laberge (District 4 – de Bumbray), Marie-Louise Kerneis (District 5 – de Salaberry), Mike Gendron (District 6 – de Lang), Luc Daoust (District 7 – de Le Moyne) and François Le Borgne (District 8 – D’Youville).

A total of 12,029 electors exercised their right to vote, for a participation rate of 32.59%.

Éric Allard was elected with 52.79% of the votes, beating candidates Nathalie Simon (27.92%) and Lucie Lamoureux (18.01%) by 3,000 and 4,000 votes respectively. The detailed results can be viewed on our website at and a summary table is provided at the end of this press release.

Ville de Châteauguay would like to congratulate the newly elected mayor and councillors and to commend Nathalie Simon and Lucie Lamoureux in particular for their involvement, making the 2021 election a first for the City by having two women in the mayoral race. The City also wants to thank all the unsuccessful candidates for their campaigns, the citizens who exercised their right to vote, as well as all the election workers, who contributed to making this democratic exercise a success.

The candidates elected will be officially appointed to their new positions on Sunday, November 14th, during a swearing-in ceremony held at the Pavillon de l’île.

Summary of results – 2021 Election

Position Candidate elected Percentage of votes obtained
Mayor Éric Allard
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
52,79 %
District 1 (de la Noue) Barry Doyle
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
46,25 %
District 2 (du Filgate) Arlene Bryant
Alliance Châteauguay– Éric Allard Team
58,10 %
District 3 (de Robutel) Éric Corbeil
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
66,99 %
District 4 (de Bumbray) Lucie Laberge
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
58,20 %
District 5 (de Salaberry) Marie-Louise Kerneis
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
46,28 %
District 6 (de Lang) Mike Gendron
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
66,48 %
District 7 (de Le Moyne) Luc Daoust
Alliance Châteauguay – Éric Allard Team
52,37 %
District 8 (D’Youville) François Le Borgne
38,79 %


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