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Model School

A historical narrative of the Model School, produced in collaboration with the Société du Musée du Grand Châteauguay.

Model School in 1920

At the end of the 19th century, the public school board wanted to improve elementary school studies with model schools, which served as a sort of village school. While one class provided elementary education to the youngest boys and girls, a second class offered more extensive primary-level education for boys only. The girls attended convent. The École Modèle de Châteauguay opened in 1915, replacing the old presbytery. This was the beginning of lay teaching in Châteauguay.

Louis-Philippe Paré

From the beginning, Louis-Philippe Paré (1895–1974) was the head teacher at the school. At that time, the school was made up of one class that included students from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and a second class for boys in Grade 5 to Grade 9. This second class was taught by Paré, who strove to develop the academic skills of his students and encouraged graduates to continue their studies. He eventually added Grade 10 and, later, Grade 11.

He also taught recreational activities: he demonstrated drawing, music theory and singing, accompanied his students on the violin and organized softball and hockey matches. Paré taught in Châteauguay until 1933. He left the memory of a great pedagogue who loved children and a man dedicated to the beautiful and the good. Hundreds of residents of Châteauguay benefited from his teaching. In tribute, the comprehensive school was named after him in 1969.

A few dates


Construction of the Model School.


Louise-Philippe Paré is named head teacher of the school (Grades 5 to 11), assisted by Béatrice Dumouchel for the younger class.

Vers 1920

Cécile Bourdon becomes the teacher for the younger class.


Emma Mallette begins her career as the teacher for the younger class, a position she will hold for over 30 years.


Retirement of Louis-Philippe Paré. Hervé Samson takes his place.


The Model School is sold by the school board to a private owner.


Acquisition of the school by Ville de Châteauguay-Centre, which holds its council meetings there in the 1960s and 1970s.


The school becomes a ceramic workshop: Le Art et Mic.


Building acquired by Ville de Châteauguay. A variety of community organizations hold their activities there.


Restoration of the brick facade of the Model School, maintaining the details (patterns above the windows, the oeil-de-boeuf and the cross on the north side).


It is a two-storey house, with the upper storey for the older students and the bottom storey for the little ones; adjoining the classrooms was the home of Louis-Philippe Paré, where he raised his large family (12 children). In the entryway, a large room was used as a recreation hall, with a door into the courtyard. To the left of this room were rudimentary outhouses with no running water. In the corner of the classroom stood a water bucket with a cup. A well in the courtyard provided clean, drinkable water.
Photo de Louis-Philippe McComber
Louis-Philippe McComber
Translation of an excerpt from a book by Louis-Philippe McComber on the topic of the École Modèle in 1920.
I had the privilege of having Béatrice Dumouchel as a teacher and, as a master, Mr. Paré, an orderly, methodical man who was competent in all his subject matters. He had remarkable penmanship. He was also an artist. He played violin and had a beautiful tenor voice. Full of zeal for his students, he added singing and drawing to his courses. In addition to being a good teacher, he loved his students and dedicated himself body and soul to their advancement. A patriot to the core, he knew how to communicate his enthusiasm to us by eloquently describing the highlights of our national heroes: Champlain, Frontenac, Dollard, Montcalm. As a highly cultured man, he encouraged us to read and made us keep a notebook of the thoughts of great men, aphorisms that, like beacons on the ocean, could help us find our way through life.
Photo de Louis-Philippe McComber
Louis-Philippe McComber
Translation of an excerpt from a book by Louis-Philippe McComber on the topic of the École Modèle in 1920.

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