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Facility and Room Rental

Meeting Room and Performance Hall Rental

The City provides organizations and the general public with numerous rooms and spaces available to rent. In order to facilitate the planning and organization of your events, we have listed all of our facilities in three main categories: performance halls, meeting rooms and various spaces.

This page groups together all the facilities that are available. For more information, including pricing, hourly rates for available staff, technical services and much more, please consult the Room Rental and Sports Facilities Guide (in French only).

As for the organization of sports activities, the various facilities and gymnasiums can also reserved. To learn more, visit the Sports Fields and Gyms Rental page.

Performance halls

When the City is not presenting shows in its two performance halls, they are available to rent for all kinds of events. Whether for conferences, benefit evenings, exhibitor fairs, conferences or shows, these spaces can be adapted and are equipped with cutting-edge audio and visual equipment.

  • Jean-Pierre-Houde hall

    Centre culturel Georges-P.-Vanier

    Capacity: 211 Italian-style fixed seats

    Equipment: 2 dressing rooms with a capacity of 12 people, 1 lounge that can accommodate 40 to 65 people, equipped with a small refrigerator, the Galerie La Seigneurie space and access to the piano at an additional cost

    Universal access: yes

    Pavillon de l’île hall

    Pavillon de l’île

    Capacity: varies depending on the type of configuration

    • 120 seats in banquet format (without tier)
    • 200 seats in cabaret format (without tier)
    • 392 seats in Italian-style format on tier (retractable tier)
    • 600 people standing (without tier and without seats)

    Equipment: 2 dressing rooms with a capacity of 15 people, 1 lounge that can accommodate 160 people, reserved automatically by renting the performance hall but available to be rented independently, the Desjardins rooms can be rented in addition to the performance hall, 1 adjacent kitchen can be reserved.

    Universal access: yes

  • Rental between July and December: reservation period begins April 15 of the same year.

    Rental between January and June: reservation period begins October 15 of the previous year.

  • Since the terms differ depending on the type of event, here are the main points regarding pricing. For full details, refer to the Room Rental Guide (in French only).

    The hours of use are calculated from the moment the tenant enters the building and cease when they leave the premises. Fees for assembly and disassembly will be added as needed.

    Jean-Pierre-Houde hall

    Recognized organization $55/hour
    Châteauguay resident $63/hour
    Private business $71.50/hour
    Recognized cultural organization (rehearsal) $14.50/hour
    Show call $226.25/show

    Pavillon de l’île hall

    Tenant Great hall Lounge
    Recognized organization $79.50/hour $55/hour
    Châteauguay resident $92/hour $65/hour
    Private business $103.50/hour $70/hour
    Show call $329.25/show n/a

Meeting rooms

Various rooms that can accommodate from 25 to over 150 people are available for activities such as meetings, courses, workshops, training and conferences.

Please note that these rooms cannot be rented for activities such as parties, celebrations, office parties, etc.

Various spaces

The premises of the Sportplex, the Agora, Maison LePailleur and the Gravel space are also available to rent.

  • The Sportplex is part of the sports and recreational infrastructure project of the Régie intermunicipale Sports et loisirs Beau-Château. This complex, which includes a synthetic turf surface and a multi-level gymnasium, also has several rooms available to rent.

    If you are interested in booking Sportplex sports facilities, you can obtain more information by visiting the Sports Fields and Gyms Rental page.

    For any additional questions, contact the Sportplex. If you would like to make a reservation, visit the Sportplex Make a reservation page.

    Rental cost

    High season

    (October 1 to April 14)

    Low season

    (June 3 to September 1)

    Multipurpose room (full) –
    (11.6 m x 12.4 m)
    Base rate

    Young adults 3 hours and more

    Member city, sport-study, schools, long-term contract







    Multipurpose room (half)
    (5.8 m x 12.4 m)“Proshop” room 
    (6 m x 12 m)
    Base rate

    Young adults 3 hours and more

    Member city, sport-study, schools, long-term contract







    Room 1 and room 2 
    (5.5 m x 6 m)“Halte” room
    (4.5 m x 6 m)
    Base rate

    Young adults 3 hours and more

    Member city, sport-study, schools, long-term contract







  • The Agora is a former arena converted into a semi-outdoor stage. The large activity platform, the old ice rink and its bleachers are open to the outside on two (2) sides. This allows large gatherings to be held there while being sheltered from inclement weather.

    It is also possible to access in the lounge, the ground floor toilets and Ross Hill hall on the 2nd floor. A tenant who holds an activity there that requires only access to the lounge and toilets must assume only the rental costs presented below.

    Rental cost

    Access to the Agora (exterior slab) free.

    Access to the lounge and toilets of the Agora (includes a site supervisor).

    • Recognized organization: $25/h
    • Resident: $28/h
    • Private business: $55/h

    For access to the Ross-Hill room, see the Meeting rooms section above.

  • Built in 1792, Maison LePailleur, located at 54 Boul. Salaberry Sud in Châteauguay, is a building used for museum purposes. As for the Gravel space, the former Maison Gravel, built in 1842, was converted into a public space in 2016. This place is suitable for certain types of activities such as exhibitions, intimate concerts, etc.

    The large outdoor area called “Domaine LePailleur” is also the scene of many outdoor events.

    The Société du Musée du Grand Châteauguay manages the sites and handles rentals. For more information, visit the Maison LePailleur Room rental page.

  • On an exceptional basis, the City offers technical services beyond its performance halls and the Agora.

    These services are only offered to recognized organizations and education service centres in the territory.

    Stage equipment

    Conference kit

    • 2 speakers, 1 amplifier, 1 console, 1 microphone and wiring: $165/day

    Show kit no. 1

    • 4 speakers, 2 monitors, 1 console, 10 microphones and wiring: $420/day

    Show kit no. 2

    • 6 speakers, 4 monitors, 1 console, 15 microphones and wiring: $670/day

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