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Household Waste

What to put in the garbage

Garbage is everything that is left after you have sorted recycling and organic waste, except for construction materials and hazardous waste, which must be taken to the ecocentre and drop-off points.

If you are still in doubt about where to throw away a particular item, please go to the handy guide What to throw and where that we have designed to answer your questions.

Answers to your questions

  • The regional ecocentre collects cell phones. You can also take them to several other drop-off points.

  • No. You can take it to the ecocentre or several other drop-off points.

  • Used battery containers are available in several drop-off points. The ecocentre also accepts all types of batteries.

    Alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and button cell batteries contain heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium and mercury that are harmful to the environment and toxic for people.  When these batteries are thrown away with household garbage, they end up in a landfill and can contaminate soil and underground water sources.

  • Hazardous household waste is any harmful product used at home. Hazardous household waste comes in the form of chlorine, algaecide, paint, oil, insect repellent, etc. It includes corrosive, inflammable, explosive and toxic substances represented by the following symbols:

    It is strictly prohibited to throw away these products and their containers in the bin as they pose health risks and are harmful to the environment. They consequently need special waste disposal methods to reduce potential harm. You can take them to the ecocentre and several other drop-off points.

  • You can take them to the ecocentre or several other drop-off points.

  • Most pharmacies in the region collect expired medication.  Check with your pharmacist.

  • It was estimated before the start of organic waste collection that this type of waste represented almost 50% of garbage bin content. By putting your organic waste in the brown bin, the content of your garbage bin should be considerably reduced and no longer needs to be collected every week.

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