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Infrastructures – Info-travaux

Ongoing and Upcoming Work

This section is updated regularly to provide information about ongoing or upcoming roadwork and traffic hindrances across the entire territory that may require changes to your usual travelling routes. You will find the location, duration and dates of the roadwork.

Please note that the dates are approximate due to climate conditions that may influence the duration of the work.

Due to short timelines, emergency interventions are not always shown.

Ongoing and Future Work

  • To find out about the work that will be carried out on Autoroute 30 in the Châteauguay area, you can go to A30 Express

  • Maintenance work on Honoré-Mercier Bridge

    Maintenance work on the Honoré-Mercier Bridge will continue throughout the year. Visit our website and the City’s Facebook page regularly to be informed.

    Repair work during the weekend of Saturday, June 25

    Repair work on the Honoré-Mercier Bridge will require a partial closure from Friday night, June 24 to Saturday, June 25 at 2 a.m. until Monday, June 27 at 5 a.m. During this period, only one lane per direction will be open.

    In case of inclement weather or operational constraints, the work may be postponed. We invite the population to plan your trips by consulting the Quebec 511 website.

  • Expansion of the École de formation professionnelle and école Louis-Philippe-Paré

    Total investment: $340MM

    Schedule: May 2021 to September 2024

    The phase one of the reconstruction and expansion work at the École de formation professionnelle and École Louis-Philippe-Paré began in May 2021 with the construction of a new synthetic field, scheduled for completion in December 2021. In July 2021, work began on the redevelopment and expansion of the building, which will increase capacity to 2,512 students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5. The school will eventually benefit from several collaborative and collective spaces, 12 science laboratories, 14 arts spaces, as well as 10 sports facilities, two palestres and a multisport field outside. In addition, a multipurpose auditorium with a capacity of 750 seats will be added and will allow the Châteauguay citizens to benefit from an additional performance hall on the territory.

    Yellow:  perimeter of the site. Green: site of the future synthetic field. Blue: parking of the Sportplex to use in case of overflow. Red: temporarily reduced parking spaces. Purple: a path to safely travel between cars parked at Sportplex and schools.

    Click on the images to enlarge

    Conceptual images of the project, for illustrative purposes.

  • As of April 11, the Ville de Châteauguay will begin reconstruction work on boulevard Saint-Francis, between rues Isabelle and Des Tulipes. This work constitutes phase 2 of the boulevard modernization project, which was initiated and completed in 2021 in the portion located between boulevard Salaberry Nord and rue Isabelle.

    The project includes:

    • Storm sewer line replacement;
    • Water main renewal;
    • Roadway rehabilitation;
    • Addition of concrete curbs and sidewalk;
    • New street lights installation;
    • A bicycle path installation.

    Work duration:

    The work will take place over a period of 20 weeks and will be carried out in two parts: from April 11 to May 27, 2022 in the area between rues Isabelle and Jeffries and from June 20 to August 26 in the area of rues Isabelle and Des Tulipes.  A door hanger will be distributed to residences located in the work area approximately 48 hours prior to the start of the work.

    Work impact:

    • Parking – Parking in the work area will be prohibited;
    • Access to residences – Pedestrian access to residences in the area will be maintained during the construction period;
    • Bus – The route of certain bus lines may be modified. For more information visit;
    • Noise – There may be noise on the construction site (day, evening, night). Mitigation measures will be put in place;
    • Garbage, organic and recyclable material collectionCollection schedules will be maintained during the work. However, residents will have to identify their bins.

    Closures and detours:

    As of April 11, there will be a complete or partial closure of boulevard Saint-Francis and certain surrounding streets. To avoid the construction area as much as possible, drivers and cyclists will be invited to use the proposed detours, including rue Ashmore, where parking will be prohibited for the duration of the work.

    Work Area: April 11 to May 27, 2022 (between rue Isabelle and rue Jeffries)

    Proposed detour: rue Ashmore/boul. Saint-Francis/boul. Vanier (indicated in green)

    Click on the image to enlarge

    Work Area: May 16 to June 19, 2022 (between rue Isabelle and rue Jeffries)

    Proposed detour: boul. Maple, rue Newton, rue Jonathan, rue Cortland, rue Ashmore/boul. Saint-Francis/boul. Vanier

    Click on the image to enlarge

    Work Area: June 20 to August 26, 2022 (between rue Isabelle and rue Des Tulipes)

    Proposed detour: rue Ashmore/rue Newton/boul. Maple (indicated in green)

    Click on the image to enlarge

    Work schedule by zone: April 11 to August 26, 2022

    This project represents an investment of $9.8 million in 2022 to upgrade the underground and surface infrastructure, improve pedestrian safety and facilitate bicycle travel.

    An information meeting was held in 2021 during which a full project presentation was given to area residents.

  • Repair, resurfacing and maintenance work

    June 27 to August 20: Road repair work in several areas

    Roadway repairs will take place between between Monday, June 27 and Saturday, August 20, in the following areas of the territory

    • Rue de Laval, between Parkview and d’Orléans: From July 4 to 19, 2022;
    • Rue Carrière between Briand and Lévesque: From July 6 to 20, 2022;
    • Rue Briand, between Dupuis and Fanox: From July 7 to 21, 2022;
    • Avenue Normand, between Vanier and D’Anjou: From June 27 to July 13, 2022;
    • Rue Guy, between #40 Guy and St-Jean-Baptiste: From June 29 to July 12, 2022;
    • Rue Kepler, between St-Jean-Baptiste and Lavoisier : From June 28 to July 14, 2022;

    Please note that from August 4 to 20, minor finishing work will take place on all of the advertised dates. In case of of inclement weather, work dates may change.

Work completed

  • Hydro-Québec will dismantle a portion of the 120-kV Beauharnois‑-Aqueduc line. The works in Châteauguay will start around October 2020.

    Works schedule

      • Phase 1 – conductor dismantling: Fall 2020 – Winter 2021
      • Phase 2 – pylon dismantling: 2022

    Overall, the project plans to remove conductors and dismantle 131 pylons, including 44 in Châteauguay, over a distance of 20 km.

    Important dates:

    Week of January 11 (night work):

    • Entrave sur le boulevard Brisebois et sur le chemin d’accès au centre commercial;
    • Entrave sur le boulevard René-Lévesque (route 132) et dans la rue Allard;
    • Entrave à l’intersection de la rue Albert-Seers et du boulevard Primeau;

    From 13 to 22 January:

    • Entrave à l’intersection du chemin de la Haute-Rivière et de la rue Lalemant ainsi que dans la rue Wilbrod

    January 14:

    • Entrave sur l’autoroute 30

    Week of January 18:

    • Entraves sur les rues Claude-Pitre et Rachel et sur le boulevard Salaberry Sud;
    • Entrave dans la rue Reid et l’avenue Normand;
    • Entrave sur le boulevard d’Anjou entre les avenues Normand et de la Verdure;
    • Entrave dans la rue Mercier entre la rue Daniel et le boulevard Maple

    Map ofwork:

    Map Hydro-Quebec

    Impact of the work

    For the safety of the public, the worksite safety measures may sometimes result in hindrances on roads, bicycle paths, parking lots and properties located within the power line right-of-way. These intermittent hindrances may last anywhere from ten minutes to three days.

    The work is not ever expected to lead to a power outage. If such a situation were to occur, however, the affected residents would be informed by an automated telephone messaging system.

    Mitigation measures

    A traffic plan has been established, in cooperation with the municipal authorities, to facilitate the movement of cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

    The work will be carried out during off-peak hours.

    When detours are required, appropriate signage will be in place.

    With few exceptions, access to homes will be maintained

    The work will comply with the environmental standards in effect.

    For more information:

    Dismantling of the 120-kV Beauharnois‑Aqueduc line

  • New Water Parks

    New water parks were built in four city parks between April and June 2021. This investment of nearly $2 million will increase the number of water parks available in the territory for the enjoyment of residents in several neighbourhoods.

    Parks slated for new water parks:

    More information on this major project is forthcoming. You will soon find this information on the Past and Upcoming Major Projects.

    New Play Equipment

    These new facilities in three of our parks added for the enjoyment of children, represents an investment of $150,000.

    Parks slated for these improvements:

    For more information about this major project, go to Past and Upcoming Major Projects.

    Naturalization of Parks

    The naturalization of our parks consists of reducing maintenance interventions to a minimum to give free rein to natural vegetation. The horticultural teams will sow new species of flowers and plant trees and shrubs all summer long to maximize the vegetation of the banks.

    Parcs slated for these measures:

  • Street resurfacing

    Resurfacing work will be carried out from June to October 2021. The schedule may change depending on the weather. The completion of this street rejuvenation plan will cost $3.5 million.

    Streets scheduled for resurfacing this year:


    • Rue Trudeau, between boulevard Maple and rue Austin : COMPLETED
    • Chemin de la Haute-Rivière, between rues du Méandre and Lalemant : COMPLETED
    • Rue Lalemant, between boulevard Primeau and rue Jogues : COMPLETED
    • Rue Crépin, between rue Notre-Dame and boulevard D’Youville : COMPLETED
    • Rue de Lévis, between rues Belmont and Hochelaga : COMPLETED
    • Rue Olivier Ouest, between Mountain and Maple : COMPLETED
    • Boulevard René-Lévesque, between boulevard Brisebois and boulevard Primeau : from August 2 to October 31 : COMPLETED
  • During the months of April to November 2021, vegetation control work will be carried out on the easement located on the City’s lands. The objective of these interventions is to promote compatible vegetation by eliminating vegetation that is incompatible with the operation of the system, which could represent a feasibility and safety issue. The purpose of this program is to promote low and sparse vegetation in line rights-of-way.

    The work to be carried out includes:

    • Cutting of mature trees within the right-of-way.

    To find out more: Hydro-Québec/vegetation

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