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Covid-19: Measures in place

For more information, we invite you to consult the sanitary measures.


  • You need to have a library card to borrow items. This card is issued to Châteauguay residents for free on production of an identity document and proof of residence.

    For young people under 18, the signature of one parent is required to register. Parents are responsible for items borrowed by their children under 18.

    The library card is required to borrow items. Members are responsible for all transactions carried out with their library card, unless they have informed the library that they have lost their library card. A replacement card is available for $3.

    The library card is also required to register for library activities and use computer work stations.

    Membership policy

    Category Definition Conditions Rental fee Duration
    Adult resident Age 18 and over Identity document + proof of residence Free 3 years
    Child resident Age 0 to 17 Signature of one parent + identity document + proof of residence Free 3 years
    Adult non-resident Age 18 and over Identity document $70 1 year
    Child non-resident Age 0 to 17 Signature of one parent + identity document $70 1 year
    One-day pass $3 1 day
    Community Organization director Recognition of the organization by the city + contact person Free 1 year
    Teaching personnel Schools in Châteauguay Identity document + letter confirming employment relationship with the school Free 1 year
    Owner Business or building in Châteauguay Identity document + recent tax bill Free 1 year
  • Library items are the property of all Châteauguay residents. Therefore, all members are required to:

    • register the items that they are borrowing from the library;
    • keep the items that they use in good condition;
    • pay for any lost, damaged or unreturned items.

    To find out about other policies, please consult the Code of library users’ responsibilities (in French only).

  • The library provides computer work stations with Internet access that can be used. This tool provides access to a vast range of information that is enriching for people of all ages. However, the Internet also publishes information that may be incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date. Furthermore, some information may be considered controversial, offensive or unacceptable.

    Internet filter software has been installed on the computer work stations. This software blocks access to websites that may have offensive content for some library users.

    The library has no control over content found on the Internet and encourages users to make sure that information found is accurate.


    • The user is liable for any damage or breakage to computer equipment or software.
    • The user agrees not to use, view or print any content on the Internet for unlawful or commercial purposes (pornography, harassment, propaganda, computer virus, plagiarism, etc.).

    Any user who violates the user policy will indefinitely lose the right to consult the Internet.

Loan policy and procedures

  • Adult members can borrow at most 20 items over a loan period of 28 days:

    • 20 books from the general collection (literature, documentaries);
    • 10 comic books;
    • 3 new releases (literature);
    • 5 audiovisual items (CDs, DVDs, audio books, language courses, etc.);
    • 5 periodicals (magazines);
    • 2 educational games;

    Child members can borrow at most 20 items over a loan period of 28 days:

    • 20 books from the children’s collection (literature, documentaries);
    • 10 comic books;
    • 5 audiovisual item (CD, DVD, audio book, etc.);
    • 5 periodicals (magazines);
    • 2 educational games.
    The adult user loses his borrowing privileges as soon as he has accumulated an outstanding amount of $10, while for the youth user, this amount is $8.


    Loan period

    Loan for 28 days Category Number by category – Total of 20 items maximum  Renewal if the item has not been reserved Reservation


    Comic books 10 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Educational games 2 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Documentaries 20 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Literature 20 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    New releases 3 No Yes
    Audiovisual items 5 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Periodicals (magazines) 5 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Interlibrary loans 3 According to the lending library’s policy No
    Children’s books (literature & Documentary) 20 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Comic books 10 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Educational games 2 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Audiovisual item 5 2 renewals /28 days Yes
    Periodicals (magazines) 5 2 renewals /28 days Yes
  • The loan period may be extended twice for additional period of 28 days each, except if the items have already been reserved by another member or for new releases.

    This service can be used in the following ways:

  • You can reserve any book from the collection for free that is not available. You will receive a phone call when the item becomes available and you will have 72 hours (3 days) to pick it up or the library will cancel your reservation.

    The following fees apply for reservations:

    • Fine for cancelled reservation: $1

    Members can reserve at most three (3) books at the same time.

    At the time the reservation, we will ask you to provide us with the following information:

    • Your name and telephone number where we can reach you;
    • The title of the document as well as the name of the author or any other information that makes it easy for us to identify him/her.

    You can make your booking in any of the following ways:

  • Ville de Châteauguay has abolished late fees at the Bibliothèque Raymond-Laberge in order to allow a greater accessibility to the bibliothèque for citizens . This measure is in effect since January 1, 2022.

    However, it remains the responsibility of the user to bring back the borrowed documents in due time.  See Lost and damaged items section for the applicable terms.

  • Borrowed items can be placed in the book return chutes at any time. The book return chutes are located at the front of the library close to the police station. They are open at all times.

  • Members are required to pay the cost of replacing any item that is damaged and can no longer be used (beverage stained, water damaged, underlining or notes added, swollen due to damp, broken cover, etc.), or is lost.

    Administration fees of ($5) are added to the cost of replacing the items along with the fines incurred.

    A refund is possible within 60 days upon presentation of the receipt and items in good condition. Administration costs are non-refundable.

    To find out the breakdown of the costs charged in 2022 further to loss or damage, please refer to pages 2 and 3 Appendix XV of General by-law G-058-21 setting out the fees for use of the city’s property, services and activities in 2022 (in French only).

  • You can’t find the item you are looking for in the Simb@ catalogue? You can request an interlibrary loan. The interlibrary loan service enables members to consult items that are owned by another library and are not available in our library.

    This service is usually free but costs may be charged by the lending library to be paid by the member. The following costs apply for the interlibrary loan service:

    • Fine for cancelled interlibrary loan: $5
    • Lost or damaged item: according to the lending library’s policy

    Members can make at most three interlibrary requests at the same time.

    You can make an interlibrary loan request in one of the following three ways:

    • you can call us at 450 698-3080

    • You can go to the desk at Bibliothèque Raymond-Laberge located at 25, boulevard Maple ;

  • You can’t find the item you are looking for in the Simb@ catalogue? You can make a purchase suggestion.

    If the suggestion meets the library’s selection criteria, we will buy the item.

    If the library buys the item, the reservation policy will apply:

    • Fine for cancelled reservation: $1
    • Limit of three reservations per member.

    You can make purchase suggestions to the library in one of the following three ways:

    • you can call us at 450 698-3080

    • You can go to the desk at Bibliothèque Raymond-Laberge located at 25, boulevard Maple ;


  • Our collection of more than 160,000 items is available for loan, research or consultation. You can discover these items by consulting the Simb@ document catalogue.

    This collection includes in the adult section:

    • Documentaries on many subjects, biographies, etc.
    • Novels, essays, tales, plays, poetry
    • Large print books
    • Comic books
    • CDs, DVDs, audio books, language courses
    • Music sheets
    • Magazines and newspapers
    • Reference books
    • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and atlases
    • A section on regional history, including books on municipalities in the region and a collection of regional newspapers
    • A genealogy section

    In the children’s section:

    • Board books for young children
    • Albums, tales, novels, plays, poetry
    • Documentaries on many subjects, biographies
    • Comic books
    • CDs, DVDs, audio books, language courses
    • Reference books
    • Dictionaries, encyclopedias
    • Magazines
    • Board games
  • Almost 250 magazines and newspapers are available for consultation at the library and shortly for loan. Issues for the current year are available on the magazine stands. Back issues for previous years are kept for research purposes in the “Periodicals Archives” located on the ground floor.

  • COVID-19: Due to the pandemic, the library is no longer accepting donations of items.

    However, you can take items to donation centres.

Digital resources

  • The library offers members a wide range of online digital resources which are regularly expanded: ebooks, learning tools, magazines and newspapers.

    To access these digital collections, go to the Digital Resources section in the Simb@ document catalogue. You need to have your library card number and your password (NIP).


    Ebook lending platform. Thanks to this resource, you can choose from thousands of ebooks for adults and children, available in French and English and published by Quebec and foreign publishers. Ebooks are compatible with most tablets and e-readers.

    Newspapers and magazines

    View the full text of a large number of newspapers and magazine articles such as La PresseLe Devoir, Protégez-vous and many more. Many national newspapers in English are also available: use search terms in English to find these articles. We regularly add new newspapers and magazines.


    The Repère database contains over 500,000 magazine articles in French published since 1980. Furthermore, with full text of over 20,000 articles and the Internet addresses of nearly 100,000 full-text articles, Repère is a primary choice of information sources for students and the general public.


    This database is updated every day and offers major Canadian and international periodicals (USA and UK), reference books, over 85,000 full-text biographies and an image bank with over 500,000 photos, maps and flags. Most of the content is in English.


    Cette base de données en constante évolution donne accès à plus de 6 500 magazines dans 50 langues différentes. Vous y retrouverez plusieurs catégories de magazine, que ce soit des sujets populaires ou plus spécialisés. La ressource est accessible via le web ou via une application mobile (Android, iOS).

    Online learning platform


    Online streaming course platform for hobbies, wellness, sports, language learning, professional skills development and more. Thousands of interactive courses available 24/7 in French for adults and youth, delivered by top experts.


Facilities available to the public

  • Three black and white and colour photocopiers are available at the library, with one photocopier on each floor.

    The following costs apply:

    Item Price/page
    Black and white format $0.15
    Colour format $0.25
  • The library provides computer work stations with Internet access, various software applications, including Word and Excel, and specialized databases that can be used. The user policy for computer work stations is available at the reception desk on the ground floor.

    Computer work stations are available during library opening hours without a reservation. Members can use the computer work stations for up to two hours per day.

    Printing is available at the cost of $0.15/page.

    Technical support

    The library help desk prioritizes documentary searches in the library’s collections.  If time allows, the library help desk can also provide technical support and assistance from time to time to troubleshoot or explain the basic functions of the computer work stations with Internet access, but cannot provide personalized training.

  • The library has two teamwork rooms.  Members can reserve a teamwork room up to one week in advance in person or by telephone. The library card is required to reserve and the member’s account needs to be in order.

    Non-members can reserve a teamwork room for a fee of $3 (one-day pass) at the library only.

    The user loses his or her reservation if he or she arrives 10 minutes after the start of his or her reservation.

    These rooms are reserved for groups of two to six individuals.

    If the room is not reserved, an individual can ask to use it alone. However, if a group arrives, he or she must hand over the room even if he or she has paid the $3 fee.

    It is possible to use the teamwork room for up to two hours per day.  If the room is not reserved after the allotted time, it is possible to extend the reservation under certain conditions.

    COVID-19: These rooms are booked for members of the same family or one person at a time.

  • Members of the Société de généalogie de Châteauguay are available to provide support to anyone who would like to carry out genealogical research. This room also provides access to a specialized collection on top of the library’s collection. You can contact them during the genealogy room opening hours or call them at 450-698-3082.

Assistance and accessibility

  • Are you looking for a particular book? Do you need information on a given subject? Library personnel are available to guide your search, help you find an item and help you use the available databases. Please contact the personnel at the library help desk on the 2nd floor.

  • Many of our services are adapted for individuals suffering from visual or motor disorders.

    • Large print books
    • Audio books and audio ebooks
    • Elevator and automatic doors
    • Zoomtext program which enlarges font and text size.

    Service québécois du livre adapté

    Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) offers this service to borrow adapted books, such as books in Braille, audio books, digital documents and multimedia materials.

    Service québécois du livre adapté

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