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Municipal Affairs

Public Meetings

The adoption of an amending urban planning by-law requires a public consultation meeting to be held at which the draft by-law is explained to those in attendance, by the mayor or a member of the municipal council, and organizations and individuals have the opportunity to express their opinions on the matter.

The entire text of each draft by-law is available before adoption in the Draft By-Laws section.

Although public assemblies only address land use and urban planning amendments, the public can also voice its opinion concerning the living environment through a variety of citizen participation initiatives.

  • A public consultation meeting may concern one of the following subjects:

    • Zoning
    • Subdivision
    • Construction
    • Permits and certificates
    • Minor variances
    • Comprehensive development plans
    • Architectural installation and integration plans (PIIA)
    • Agreements concerning municipal works
    • Conditional usages
    • By-laws governing special building, renovation or occupancy projects (PPCMOI)
  • Some draft by-laws may be subject to the approval of people eligible to vote.

    In this case, the request for referendum approval must be signed by a sufficient number of interested people.

  • Public consultation meetings are subject to a public notice.

    These meetings include a public question period.

Future assemblies

  • Tuesday, April 13 | Virtual format

    This information meeting follows up on the recommendations of the report drafted by the parc Joseph-Allard Task Force, submitted to City Council at the end of last summer. The committee’s mandate was to study several issues related to parc Joseph-Allard, such as authorized activities, signage, opening hours and parking.

    Some Council members and City representatives will participate in the meeting, as well as members of the Service de police de Châteauguay.

    To obtain the login link, please confirm your presence by contacting us at

Past assemblies

Past assemblies are filed from most recent to earliest.


    • P1-Z-3001-70-20 : Modification du règlement de zonage visant l’agrandissement de la zone H-326 à même la zone C-317 dans le secteur de la rue de Bruxelles (In French Only)
    • P-Z-3600-8-20 : Projet relatif aux plans d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale Z-3600 visant l’ajout d’un plan d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale pour un abri d’automobile. (In French Only)
    • R-4000-9-20 : Premier projet de résolution R-4000-9-20 en vertu du règlement sur les projets particuliers de construction, de modification ou d’occupation d’un immeuble (PPCMOI). (In French Only)
    • P1-Z-3001-71-20 : Règlement modifiant le règlement de zonage Z-3001 visant à permettre les abris d’automobiles préfabriqués et les toits plats et ceux à un versant pour les remises de jardin. (In French Only)

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