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Municipal By-Laws

Motorized mobility aids – Traffic guide

Motorized mobility aids (MMAs) are devices designed to compensate for a walking disability. They include electric wheelchairs, three-wheel electric scooters and four-wheelers.

Since August 2020, there have been new regulations governing the use of MMAs on roadways, bicycle lanes and sidewalks. In the event of a violation, the penalties provided for in the Highway Safety Code will apply.

person on a motorized wheelchair

To find out more, see the Guide de circulation – Aides à la mobilité motorisées

Here is a summary of what is in the guide.

Mandatory equipment

The following equipment is mandatory on all MMAs:

  • brakes
  • reflectors
  • reflective strips
  • lights and headlights (especially when driving at night)
  • pennant (if your maximum permitted speed is above 50 km/h)


  • If a bicycle path is available, you must use it
  • If there is no bicycle path, you must use the sidewalk
  • If there is no sidewalk, you can drive on the edge of the road, in the direction of traffic
  • Do not drive side by side with someone else, and always drive on the right
  • Avoid stopping on a public road: find a safe location instead
  • Do not drive on roads where the speed limit is over 50 km/h, on three-lane highways or on trails where driving is prohibited

Safety rules

  • It is prohibited for anyone driving an MMA on the road to use a cell phone or any other portable device designed for sending/receiving information or entertainment, or to use a display screen (subject to applicable exceptions)
  • Always look both ways before making a move
  • At intersections, always use pedestrian crossings and the curb ramps designed for your use
  • Always obey traffic lights, pedestrian crossing signals and other signage
  • Avoid passing closely by parked cars as they may pull out suddenly
  • Beware of obstacles such as parked cars, uneven surfaces and high-traffic areas
  • Always wear light-coloured clothing, especially at night
  • When driving on a sidewalk, move at a similar speed as pedestrians and remember that they always have the right of way
  • Make sure that any objects you are carrying are properly secured and will not interfere with your driving or visibility
  • Be extra-careful at level crossings

Not allowed

  • It is forbidden to cross an intersection diagonally
  • It is forbidden to drive while impaired
  • It is forbidden to carry passengers
  • It is forbidden to tow people or objects
  • It is forbidden to modify an MMA or to add accessories that may interfere with the visibility, operation or steering

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