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Municipal By-Laws

Loan By-Laws

When a municipality wants to do certain work or purchase equipment that requires a major investment, it may decide to cover the cost using a loan by-law. The advantage of this kind of financing is that the expense can be spread over several years.

The text of the loan by-law must specify the equipment or target area of the work, the taxation method, if any, and the financing details of the work that will be done.

Distribution of costs

The total amount stated in the loan by-law is divided based on the type of equipment or work to be done. If the expenditure benefits the entire population, it will be divided up among all taxpayers. If it only affects one area, however, a particular contribution will be required from the residents of that area, and the remainder may be divided among all taxpayers.

List of loan by-laws

This list shows all loan by-laws approved since June 25, 2020. For earlier loan by-laws, please submit an access to information request.

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