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Statements of offence served by public notice

A service by public notice is made with the authorization of a judge. This method of being served is intended for a defendant for whom a statement of offence has been issued, but who could not be otherwise served.

After being posted for 30 days, any posted statements of offence are considered served.

Please verify whether your name, company name or organization name is listed. If so, you have 30 days following the end of the public notice to contact the clerk’s office of the Cour municipale commune de Châteauguay, located at 265 boulevard D’Anjou, office no. 101, to register a complaint or make a payment. You may also obtain a copy of any statement of offence issued against you.

You can find the end date in the title of the notice.

To monitor a statement of offence, please refer to the following sections:

Tickets – Procedures

Methods of Payment

Notice of service of the Clerk of the Municipal Court of the Ville de Châteauguay

Consult the notice of service in effect from September 1 to 30 inclusively (French version).

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