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This section provides information about payment procedures and the methods available for paying tickets.

  • Payments can be made in any of the following ways. Regardless of the method chosen, make certain that your payment is received by the due date, not just sent on that date. Check the delivery time by mail or the processing time through your financial institution. If your payment is received late, you may be charged additional fees, regardless of the date you sent it. In the event of conflict, it is the date of receipt at the municipal court office that will be taken into consideration. The city assumes no responsibility if you pay after this date or your payment is not in the proper amount.


    • On the city website using Constats Express. This payment method requires a Visa or MasterCard credit card.
    • Websites of most financial institutions.

    For online payments, the full payment of the charge is required within 30 days following the service date of the ticket. The reference number you will be asked for in the transaction is the 13 digits of the ticket or case number, which can be found on the top part of the reply form.

    By mail

    • Cour municipale commune de Châteauguay
      265, boulevard D’Anjou, bureau 101
      Châteauguay (Québec)    J6J 5J9

    This method allows for payment by cheque, certified cheque or postal money order made out to Ville de Châteauguay.

    In person

    Payment can be made in cash or by debit card.

  • If you cannot pay the fine and the fees by the deadline, you can ask the fine collector:

    • To grant you additional time or a deferred payment method by filling out the Resquest for payment agreement form.
    • To allow you to cover the fine and fees by performing compensatory work, but only if you can demonstrate that it is absolutely impossible to pay the fine and fees and that you have no property to seize

    Please note that these methods will only be granted if your financial situation justifies it and if you apply by coming to the municipal court after making an appointment with the fine collector

    A financial assessment will be carried out at the time. Bring your supporting documents with you (payslip, proof of government benefits, bank account, etc.).

  • If you do not make the payment by the deadline or make arrangements with the fine collector, your driver’s licence or your right to obtain one may be subject to a suspension for non-payment of a fine if you are declared guilty of an offence under the Highway Safety Code or a municipal traffic or parking by-law.

    Your property or your salary may also be seized. If you have no seizable property and you refuse to do compensatory work, a prison term may be imposed. Since May 16, 2004, if you refuse to pay fines for offences under the Highway Safety Code or a municipal traffic or parking by-law, you can no longer have them cancelled by being incarcerated, as the right to issue prison sentences for these types of infractions has been abolished. If it is proven that you are deliberately refusing to pay your fines, you will be subject to a prison sentence of up to two years less a day.

    Please note that additional fees apply for each of these procedures.

  • When the fine collector informs the SAAQ that a driver has unpaid fines, it imposes the following sanctions:

    • Suspension of the driver’s licence or the right to obtain one
    • No permission to register a vehicle after purchase or rental
    • Vehicles registered in the driver’s name prohibited to drive on the roads
    • No permission to sell a vehicle because the purchaser will not be able to register it

    If your licence is already suspended for non-payment of a fine, you do not have the right to drive and any vehicle registered in your name is prohibited from driving. Please check with the SAAQ that your suspension has been lifted before driving.

    If your licence is suspended for non-payment of a fine, to regain your right to drive, send the municipal court a certified cheque or postal money order for payment in full of the amount owing or, if you come in person, pay the balance in cash or by credit card. We do not accept cheques when your licence is suspended or will be suspended for non-payment of a fine.

    Don’t forget to confirm your balance BEFORE you send your payment, by contacting the municipal court ,since additional fees may be added.

    A notice of payment will be issued and sent to the SAAQ and your licence will be reinstated if it has not already been suspended by another court. If you want to speed up the process of reinstating your licence, you should go to an SAAQ office with the document given to you when you make your payment at the municipal court counter.

    From January 27 to February 15, 2023, there will be no mailing from the Municipal Court to the SAAQ. It is your responsibility to obtain the fine payment notice in one of the following ways:

    It is your responsibility to go to an SAAQ service centre to have your licence suspension lifted.

  • The Tariff of court costs in penal matters applies at every step of a penal case. Don’t forget to confirm your balance BEFORE you send your payment, by contacting the municipal court , since additional fees may be added. For minors, you can consult the Regulation respecting certain court costs in penal matters applicable to persons under 18 years of age.

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