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Tickets – Procedures

Legal proceedings begin the moment a ticket is served. It may be served by an officer of the peace at the time of the offence or afterward by mail or bailiff. The notice must be served within a year of the offence.

  • The demerit points shown on the ticket are for information purposes only. Only the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec can enter these points in the defendant’s file.

  • You must enter a plea of guilty or not guilty within 30 days of the date of notice. 

    You can complete the reply form attached to your ticket or the Plea form and send it to us:

    By email

    By sending a signed, digitized copy to:

    In person or by mail 

    Cour municipale commune de Châteauguay
    265, boulevard D’Anjou, bureau 101
    Châteauguay (Québec)   J6J 5J9

    By fax

    To 450 698-3259


    You must ensure its receipt by the municipal court clerk by the deadline for your plea, your payment or both. The plea date is the date of receipt, not the date of transmission.

    Make sure you correctly enter your address, phone number and email address, if applicable, so we can send you related correspondence. Please refer to How to change your address if you move after submitting a plea.

    If the defendant is a corporation, the signature of a director or other officer is required. Enter the person’s first and last name and their title (legibly, in block letters).

  • If you decide to plead guilty to the infraction, please use the response form attached to your ticket to:

    • Enter a plea
    • AND
    • Pay (in Canadian money) the entire amount claimed

    There are several ways to make the required payment. For further information, please go to Methods of payment.

    If you do not submit the full amount of the fine and related fees with the plea by the 30-day deadline, additional fees may be charged. For further information, please see Inability to make the payment on time and Consequences of payment default.

    A defendant who submits a guilty plea or pays the amount in full is deemed to have been declared guilty of the offence.

  • If you wish to plead not guilty, you must enter a written plea on the response form attached to your ticket or, if you have lost it, on the Plea form and submit it to us, duly completed, within the required 30 days from the notice date, as explained in the section called Entering a plea.

    You must also enter your new address, your phone number and your email address, if applicable. Otherwise, the notice of hearing will be sent to the address on file and you risk receiving a default judgment in your absence.

    You can also contest a ticket online at Constats express.

    After entering your plea, you will be informed by the court clerk of the location, date and time of the hearing.

    For your defence, you must present, with your not-guilty plea, the preliminary applications described in sections 168 to 186 of the Code of Penal Procedure.

  • A defendant who does not either enter a plea or pay the full amount of the fine and related fees is deemed to have pled not guilty. The hearing is then arranged and the judgment is rendered with no further notice.

  • In keeping with section 166.2 of the Code of Penal Procedure, you can, at any time until the hearing, change your not-guilty plea to a guilty plea.

    If you decide to do so, you must inform the court in writing. You can complete the Plea form or the Change of Plea section of the notice of hearing you received. Please return it to the municipal court clerk before the hearing date shown on the notice of hearing. You must pay the full amount of the fine and related fees shown on the ticket plus the additional fees stipulated in the regulations for such a situation.

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