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Municipal Documents

Budget and financial statements

City’s annual budget

One of the main objectives of Ville de Châteauguay is to manage the public coffers carefully and responsibly, provide a range of high-quality services to residents, carry out a variety of strategic projects and maintain modern, progressive infrastructures while respecting the residents’ capacity to pay.

Adoption of the budget

At the end of every year, the municipal council has to prepare a budget and adopt it for the next fiscal year, planning for revenues at least equal to expenditures. The main source of revenue for the local municipalities is taxation, as stipulated in the Cities and Towns Act.

  • The Municipal Council tabled and adopted the budget for 2023 on December 16, 2022.


    • An increase in property taxes limited to 3% in order to counter inflation.
    • A surge rise in interest rates which affects debt servicing.
    • New revenue sources that allow the realization of large-scale projects, including the repair of streets, the development of parks and the creation of infrastructures.


    2023 Budget Presentation (in French only)

    2023 Budget – Press release

  • The Municipal Council tabled and adopted the budget for 2022 on January 24, 2022.


    • Despite high inflation, the City set its new tax rate at 2.9%.
    • Creation of a Finance Committee to review the management of expenses and revenues.
    • The tax bill was indexed by 3,1 % due to rate increases.


    2022 Budget – Presentation to council members (in French only)

    2022 Budget – Press release (in French only)

  • The Municipal Council tabled and adopted the budget for 2021 on December 7, 2020.


    • Given 2020’s difficult socio-economic context: the City expects revenues of $ 97M, which represents a decrease of $ 3M compared to the previous year.
      The planned spending budget is of $ 88.6M. Tight expenditure control will enable the City to obtain satisfactory results for the year 2021.


    2021 Budget – Presentation to council members ( in French only)

    2021 Budget – Press release

  • The municipal council tabled and adopted the budget for 2020 on December 9, 2019.


    • The 2020 budget is balanced: Ville de Châteauguay forecasts expenditures of $100 million and equal revenues, with no projected deficit.
    • The total revenues that the city will draw from taxes in 2020 will increase by 2%

    Explanatory video

    Le maire a préparé une vidéo vulgarisant le budget 2020 ainsi que les différents éléments à prendre en compte lors de la réception du compte de taxes.



    2020 Budget – Presentation to council members (In French Only)

    2020 Budget – Press release

  • The municipal council tabled and adopted the budget for 2019 on November 26, 2018.


    • The 2019 budget provides for expenditures of $96 million and revenues of $94.2 million, leaving a deficit of $1.8 million that will be absorbed by previously accumulated surpluses.


    2019 Budget – Press release

Financial statements

Every year, Châteauguay draws up financial statements on its fiscal year from January 1 to December 31. The financial statements are submitted to a public meeting of the municipal council following the audit carried out by independent auditors.

These statements present financial information relating to the municipality, including:

  • assets;
  • liabilities;
  • revenues;
  • operating expenses.
  • The Mayor of Châteauguay, Pierre-Paul Routhier, presented the highlights of the Châteauguay financial report for 2020, at the council meeting held on Monday, October 4.

    Considering the Covid-19 sanitary measures and the computer-based attack suffered by Châteauguay at the beginning of the year, the Mayor stated that he was very satisfied with these financial statements.


    • The municipality recorded total income amounting to $104 M and expenditure $94 M, given the repayment of the $10 M long-term debt.
    • The fiscal year ended with a $10 M surplus bringing Châteauguay’s accumulated surplus to almost $40 M.
    • We note a positive variance by slightly over $6 M in operating income compared to the budget forecasts, including $4.2 M in government Covid-19 financial assistance and $2.1 M in additional income from transfer duties linked to the rise in property values.
    • With regard to expenditure, the cancellation of events and postponement of activities due to Covid-19 led to $5.8 M in savings. In return, the computer-based attacked led to $1 M in unforeseen expenses. Total expenditure, compared to the budget forecasts, showed a $4.6 M surplus.
    • Major investments were carried out in 2020, including:
      – Redesign of Boulevard Industriel: $6.7 M
      – Redesign of Rue Craik: $2.9 M
      – Road repair on various streets: $2.2 M
      – Purchase of LED street lights: $2.5 M
      – Construction and repair of new sidewalks: $1 M
      – Redesign of parks: $0.6 M
      – Replacement of the waste water treatment system by ultraviolet light: $0.4 M
      – Work on Pont des Sœurs-Grises: $0.4 M

    Documents (in French)

    2020 Financial Statements

    Highlights of the 2020 Financial Statements

    Summary Tables of the 2020 Financial Statements

  • On October 23, the mayor presented the highlights of the city’s 2019 financial statements.


    • In light of the results presented, the city’s total revenue stands at $ 98.7 M and expenses at $ 85.4 M. To this we must add the repayment of the long-term debt of $ 11.2M as well as the expenses used in various assignments which total $ 1.1 M.
    • Rigorous management and expenditure control have brought the amounts committed for 2019 to a total of $ 85.4 M out of an anticipated budget of $ 85.2 M.
    • The City ends 2019 with a net surplus of $ 3 M. This surplus is in part attributable to an increase in transfer tax revenues of $ 2 M wich is the result from the vigorous real estate market and the increase in the number of real estate transactions in its territory.
    • The following investments were made in 2019:
      • Redevelopment of boulevard Industriel: $ 1.5 M
      • Pavement repair on various streets: $ 2.6 M
      • Vehicles acquisition for Travaux Public and Service de police: $ 1.3 M
      • UV system replacement at the treatment plant: $ 1 M
      • Redevelopment of Gaspé West Street: $ 0.5 M
      • Construction of new sidewalks and repair: $ 0.4 M
      • Repair and expansion of the skateboard park: $ 0.5M

    Explanatory video


    2019 Financial Statements (in French only) 
    2019 Financial Statements – Press Release (in French only)

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