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About Passeport-loisir

At a small cost per person or per family, the two-year Passeport-loisir brings you discounts on a wide variety of outings and exciting activities. It is also mandatory for memberships and facility rental.

For a reasonable cost, non-residents of Châteauguay can also purchase a Passeport-loisir that is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

  • You must go to the recreation counter at the Centre culturel G.-P. Vanier with ID and proof of address. To get a family Passeport-loisir, proof of address must be provided for all family members, who must be present to have a photo taken.

    Acceptable proof of address (name and address on the same document):

    • For adults: lease, driver’s licence, recent invoice or tax account for current year
    • For children: school report card for current year, ID card from a hospital centre or birth certificate
  • Residents (two-year validity)
    $8 per person
    $14 for the family (Passeport issued for each family member)

    Non-residents (one-year validity from date of acquisition)
    $70 per person

    Card replacement: $7

  • No reimbursements are offered for amounts of $10 or less.

    A reimbursement will be granted if it is requested at least ten days before the beginning of the activity. A fee of $10 will be deducted for administration costs.

    No reimbursements can be made less than ten days before the beginning of the activity except on presentation of a medical note.

    On presentation of a medical note, reimbursement will be offered prorated by use. A fee of $10 will be deducted for administration costs. To calculate the prorated use, the date taken into consideration will be the date reimbursement is requested by the client.

    Full reimbursement (with no penalty) will only be issued if the city cancels the activity or changes the conditions before it begins.

    The city reserves the right to cancel or change any activity if the minimum number of participants is not attained.

    If the participant does not come to the planned location on time, the city will not be held responsible and will not offer a refund.

    Tickets for shows, lectures or films cannot be refunded or exchanged unless the event is cancelled by Ville de Châteauguay.

    Please note that the city will charge a fee of $40 for any cheque or preauthorized bank debit without sufficient funds. This fee is in addition to the fee charged by the financial institution.

    This reimbursement policy is valid for all activities under the responsibility of Ville de Châteauguay. Activities under the responsibility of organizations or associations, even if registration takes place using municipal tools (registration software, service counter, etc.), are not subject to the same rules and must comply with the Consumer Protection Act.

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