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Back to school with caution and safety

Published on 26 August 2022

As part of the back-to-school season, officers from the Châteauguay Police Department will step up their presence be on hand in school zones to make sure that all road users, schoolchildren, parents and drivers behave safely and comply with the Highway Safety Code.

If you often drive in school zones, you will see that “door syndrome” is alive and well. It means dropping children off as close as possible to the school door, regardless of the signage in place, at the expense of the safety of the children walking nearby. This jeopardizes the children’s safety and even their lives. An awareness campaign will be launched soon in collaboration with the schools.

Safety advice for drivers:

  • Stop for the flashing lights on school buses and do not stop in the reserved bus areas.
  • Be alert! Watch for children walking in the area.
  • Obey the Highway Safety Code (posted speed limits, mandatory stops, etc.).
  • If there is a school crossing guard, follow their signals, as they are there to protect the children, including your child.

Safety advice for parents:

  • If your child walks to school, walk with them to show them the route and ensure they feel confident making the journey.
  • If you drive your child to school, make sure you stop in a safe place and obey signage.
  • Be courteous. Always give children the right-of-way and be doubly cautious.
  • Avoid U-turns and other dangerous manoeuvres in the school zone.

Reminder for children:

  • Cross at the crosswalks, quickly but without running.
  • Always look from left to right and then left again before crossing.
  • Wait until vehicles have completely stopped before crossing and make eye contact with drivers to be sure you have been seen.
  • If a crossing guard is at the intersection, follow their instructions.

Enjoy the new school year, everyone!

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