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Châteauguay begins its first major strategic planning exercise

Published on 18 August 2022

The Ville de Châteauguay is proud to announce the launch of its first major strategic planning exercise, carried out in collaboration with the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

This important strategic thought process aims to define the city’s vision and values, as well as its main orientations, in addition to deciding what efforts to prioritize for the next five years, until 2027. The initiative will also take into consideration issues that the city will have to deal with in the near future and will include the development of a financial framework.

The first step of the strategic planning process, which started in the spring, is to put together a profile of the Ville de Châteauguay and make a diagnosis following an analysis of its internal and external environment. From a sustainable development standpoint, the diagnosis will be based on four dimensions: environmental, economic, social and governance. A cross-section of the stakeholders targeted by the initiative was surveyed to size up the situation and prepare for the consultative phase.

The second step, which will take place in the fall, consists of consulting with citizens, employees and partners of the city using various methods in order to confirm the previously made diagnosis and to collect information concerning their needs and expectations with regards to the city.

Following these data collection activities, the strategic plan will be presented to all stakeholders in the form of an action plan containing performance indicators.

Châteauguay is facing many challenges, especially with respect to infrastructure rehabilitation. That’s one reason behind our desire to establish a strategic plan based on a rigorous process analysis. This plan will be the result of a serious work initiative and will become a reference tool that will guide the members of the municipal council and administration in their decision-making process in the short, medium and long terms.
Photo de Me Karl Sacha Langlois
Me Karl Sacha Langlois
General Manager of the Ville de Châteauguay
This is a reflective, inclusive process that lays the foundation for a promising future. Our partners will have a very important role to play, as a good share of the process will take place through discussion and consultation. This collaboration involves, among others, citizens, employees, merchants, associations and organizations, and the tourism and industry sectors. The city’s stakeholders are numerous and can all contribute to the city’s reputation. We see the future not with one voice, but together.
Photo de Éric Allard
Éric Allard
Mayor of Châteauguay

Here’s a summary of the key dates in the strategic planning process:

April 2022

Launch of the process and creation of the steering committee

Spring 2022

Diagnosis: consultation with city partners and employees, collection of socio-economic data

August-September 2022

Citizen consultation: field survey, online survey, evening consultations with citizens on specific topics

Fall 2022

Development of the strategic framework: vision, mission, values and directions

Winter 2022-23

Adoption of the strategic plan and presentation to citizens


Implementation of the action plan

Press release (PDF version)

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