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MyAccount, the new digital platform for residents

Published on 02 June 2021

Ville de Châteauguay has been committed for several years to improving communication and services for residents. It launched its MyAccount new digital platform on June 2. Available online and via a mobile app, the goal of this system operating on the Salesforce platform is to improve responses to requests and applications made by residents and keep residents informed on various subjects, based on their preference settings.

This digital revolution by Ville de Châteauguay started in 2018 with the complete redesign of the website and the new version saw the light last year with a streamlined visual appeal, completely restructured browsing to be more user-friendly and adapted to all devices, and the content has been revised and amended to take into account residents’ needs.

“Ville de Châteauguay has now embarked on an era of services for residents with cuttingedge technology!” Châteauguay Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier used these words to launch the new platform. “We are leaving this innovative system as a legacy for future generations of our city which will allow Ville de Châteauguay to become a leader in interactions with residents”, he added.

Here are the main features of the system:

Improved monitoring of residents’ requests
The history of a resident’s communications with Ville de Châteauguay by phone, in person, on the website or via the mobile app are displayed on the platform. The resident can consult their account to monitor the progress of their request and ask any details required.

Even more importantly, the system also enables requests and applications to be centralized in one place, improved management of requests and applications, which consequently leads to optimizing work processes within the municipal operations.

Personalized communication system with residents
MyAccount also lets Ville de Châteauguay send alerts and warnings on many matters, based on residents’ preference settings, by text message, email, telephone message or alert on the mobile app.

Unique knowledge bank
The platform also includes a knowledge bank which is interconnected in real time to the website content. So, whether in person, by phone or online, residents receive the same up-to-date information.

Real-time management tool
The platform also enables data to be obtained in real time via dashboards. This access will facilitate budget and work planning for municipal services and enable the members of the municipal council to better identify residents’ real issues.

Flexible and scalable system encouraging continuous improvement
Another innovation is how easy it is to adapt and develop interfaces for residents and city employees. If Ville de Châteauguay needs to make changes, they can be made at the same time and in a few seconds on the online platform and the mobile app, without any programming, which is a considerable benefit compared to most other
systems whose mobile apps do not offer such flexibility.

Secure personal data
Ville de Châteauguay makes sure that it protects personal data at the centre of this new system. Residents’ sensitive data is encrypted and hosted on the AWS Canada server, a major stakeholder in the field of cloud services.

Upcoming developments

Requests and applications by residents are the starting point for several upcoming developments. Over the coming years, Ville de Châteauguay plans to:

  • offer the option to residents to request various permits directly online.
  • introduce a new booking system for sports and cultural activities as well as playing

Residents are invited to create an account now by going to and downloading the mobile app available on Android and Apple.


  • The technological revolution set in motion two years ago which involved completely redesigning the website in the first phase and launching a new system for resident relations in the second phase. Other developments are to come, including the option to obtain permits online.
  • The MyAccount platform cost a fraction of the price in comparison to other similar systems and boasts unequalled benefits in terms of flexibility and adaptability of interfaces and content.
  • Châteauguay is the first city in Québec to implement the Salesforce system adapted for public services. Salesforce is one of the largest customer relationship management (CRM) platforms on the market.
  • Châteauguay will stop using the previous platform for residents’ requests, i.e., B-CITI, with effect from June 3, 2021.
The municipal council has committed to improving services for residents and creating a feeling of pride within the municipal operations. In seeing all of the departments take part and attending the MyAccount launch this evening, I can say: mission accomplished!
Pierre-Paul Routhier
Ville de Châteauguay Mayor
Providing services to residents is truly at the centre of our concerns. Since the start of the project, we have worked with all of the departments to respond to the needs of residents and improve dialogue and follow-up with them. In the same way, we are now able to adjust our content and messages based on residents’ concerns.
Stéphanie Gosselin
Director of Communications and Public Relations, Ville de Châteauguay
The main innovation of this system is how easy it is to adapt and develop interfaces for residents and city employees. This will enable us to constantly improve communication and work processes, whilst generating data and reports to facilitate city management.
Jean Lanoix
Main project designer and change management
The platform was designed under the principle of low-code programming, which consists of giving an organisation configuration and development tools to adapt interfaces and automations to their work process without requiring programming knowledge.
Jean-François Labbé
Solution architect

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