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Organic Waste

Subsidy for home composters

MRC de Roussillon offers a subsidy program for the purchase of a home composter to encourage people to try composting.  This subsidy allows you to claim a refund of 50% of the purchase cost of your composter up to $100.

Thanks to your composter, you will be able to produce rich compost that will aid plant growth while reducing use of chemical pesticides and fertilizer.

Features of a good composter

  • Have no bottom
  • Provide good aeration
  • Have a lid
  • Be easy to turn compost

home composters


Types of composters

  • Wood composters are the most eco-friendly solution.
  • A composter with two chambers makes it easier to manage compost. This allows you to add fresh organic waste to one chamber while compost matures in the other.


Please go to the MRC de Roussillon website for more information.


MRC pamphlet

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