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Community Life

Recognition and Support Policies

Any organization that wants to be recognized by the city must submit a formal application and meet all recognition requirements listed below. Organizations can be recognized under the following four categories:

1. Cultural organizations

Associations promoting artistic or cultural services or activities in one or more of the following areas: performing arts, visual arts, books and literature, history, heritage, crafts, media arts, multimedia and multidisciplinary arts.

2. Sport and outdoors organizations

Associations promoting a sport in Châteauguay by offering physical services and activities including beginner courses, recreation, development, competition and excellence.

3. Leisure and recreation organizations

Associations whose members take part in social, cultural or educational activities for entertainment, leisure and fun.

4. Community action and development organizations

Associations aiming to improve the quality of life in the community by focusing on one of the following aspects: combat against social exclusion and poverty, housing, health and safety, urban development, environmental protection and support services.

  • Within the limit of the city’s resources, Châteauguay provides diverse resources, sometimes for free, to provide support to partner organizations to carry out their activities and offer their services.

    Four types of support can be provided to organizations:

    1. Professional support

    The primary mission of the city is to offer professional support to organizations to serve residents. To achieve this, the city offers human resources to help organizations carry out their activities, such as:

    • structure of the organization (incorporation application, creating the structure, holding a general meeting, creating an organization chart, preparing a meeting agenda);
    • financial organization (drawing up a budget, setting fees, advice on self-financing);
    • programming (deciding goals and customers, assessing implementation, schedule);
    • advertising (advice on preparing an advertising campaign, preparing a press conference);
    • recruiting and training volunteers (preparing a recruitment campaign, organizing training courses for volunteers on holding meetings, programming and management);
    • consultation (holding a meeting, preparing questionnaires).

    2. Administrative support

    To relieve organizations from some technical tasks and enable democratic participation and high-quality training, administrative support mainly involves helping organizations carry out administrative tasks:

    • Photocopies
      • Each organization will be granted a credit of 1,500 photocopies for free. Organizations that have over 300 members and carry out their activities over more than 30 weeks will be granted a credit of 3,000 photocopies for free.
    • Ticket office
      • Organizations can use the online ticket office or ticket production service, or both services, when admission fees are charged for their activities depending on the arrangements set out in the fee policy.
    • Documentary support
      • All organizations that would like to get hold of a reference book, guide or study on running the activities under their responsibility can contact the city administrator who will get hold of the requested work.
    • Sales permit
      • To hold various financing activities, organizations can request a sales permit for no charge from the city’s Permit Department by producing their recognition confirmation.

    3. Physical support

    The city offers land, premises and facilities in the form of a loan or rental to help recognized organizations carry out their activities.

    • Use of facilities (playing fields, cultural and school facilities, salle Jean-Pierre-Houde and salle du Pavillon de l’île, meeting rooms, etc.)
    • Sound and light technician
    • Technical facilities
    • Promotion
    • Loan of vans
    • Insurance
    • Access to the Écocentre
    • Special event organization

    4. Financial support

    Organizations can use facilities at the “recognized organization” rate. Other measures are also available depending on the type of organization.

  • To be eligible for municipal recognition, organizations must fulfil a range of basic requirements.

    Legal requirements

    • Be a non-profit organization, validly incorporated under the Companies Act and be governed by general by-laws.
    • Appoint a board of directors from organization members who have no benefit in leaving the organization.
    • Fulfil legal requirements applicable to the organization’s activities.

    Participation requirements

    • Offer activities or services to Châteauguay residents in the field of community action and development.
    • Have a mission and goals focusing on community action and development.
    • Offer activities or services that are in keeping with the mission and goals set out in the organization’s letters patent.
    • Organize its activities in the territory of Châteauguay, except where special venues are needed for activities (event, festival, etc.).
    • Offer activities or services in line with the city’s values, objectives and orientations.
    • Offer complementary activities or services to activities or services offered by the city or other recognized organizations.

    Acceptance requirements

    • Have at least 15 members in the organization.
    • Make sure that participants in the organization’s activities are mainly Châteauguay residents.
    • Offer activities to all Châteauguay residents. Registrations may be limited based on the organization’s capacity.
    • Give priority to Châteauguay residents.

    Administrative requirements

    • Be governed by a board of directors with at least five members, whose members must mainly be Châteauguay residents.
    • Exclude the organization’s personnel from positions with voting rights.
    • Have its headquarters in Châteauguay.
    • Provide the city with the documents required for the first recognition application and subsequent annual renewal applications.
    • Accept that a city representative attends board meetings as an observer from time to time.
    • Accept that auditors appointed by the city can consult the organization’s records.
    • Be liable for loans at all times.
    • Contain a cessation of activities clause in the agreement.
  • If the organization meets all the requirements, it can submit an application:

    • by completing the Recognition application form (In French only);
    • attaching the following documents to the application:
      • resolution on the acceptance of the recognition and support policy;
      • copy of the letters patent, including copy of the resolution on the cessation of activities clause;
      • copy of the general by-laws;
      • list of members of the board of directors stating their address and telephone number;
      • list of members of the organization stating their address, telephone number and passeport-loisir card number;
      • planned budget for the first year of the partnership.

    The complete application can be sent:

    By email

    You can email us at

    By mail

    Service aux citoyens

    Hôtel de Ville

    5, boul. d’Youville

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