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Permits and Zoning

Permit Assistance – Residential (assistance tool)

We have designed the Permit assistance tool to help you find out about your requirements relating to permits and by-laws.

How to find out if you need a permit?

A permit is required in most cases before starting any renovation work. It is official proof that the city has authorized you to make improvements to your property and that they comply with current by-laws. In other cases, such as for temporary winter shelters or fencing, a permit is not required but specific standards apply.

For any additional question, please contact us to find out about current by-laws or to request additional information on permits depending on the type of work. Tip: keep your certificate of location at hand!

Legal disclaimer

The Permit assistance is a tool designed to provide information and help when creating a project and not an approval tool.  You are responsible for referring to urban planning by-laws and any applicable standards.

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