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Permits and Zoning

List of contractors with a snow removal permit

Under the municipal by-laws, any snow removal contractor that offers services to clear snow from private parking spaces using vehicles or machinery must have a snow removal contractor permit from Ville de Châteauguay. Likewise, if you hire a snow removal contractor, you must ascertain that they have this permit.

These are the organizations and businesses that have obtained authorization from the city for the 2022–2023 season:

  • 9444-4221 Québec inc.
  • Applebee paysagiste aménagement
  • Béton Mercier div. Ciment Québec inc.
  • Déneigement Goliath inc.
  • Déneigement M. J. Expert
  • Entreprise deux étoiles
  • Excavations Bergevin et Laberge inc.
  • Excavations Martin Lefrançois inc.
  • Ferme Luc et P-H Seers inc.
  • Les Pavages Céka inc.
  • Les Pavages Ultra inc.
  • Pavage & paysage Morelli inc.
  • Pelouse Pelletier
  • S. Hamel excavation inc.
  • Sablière Terra inc.
  • Services George

Please note that although the list is updated regularly, many contractors’ applications may still be undergoing processing. We recommend that you check the list regularly. (Last update: January 25, 2023)

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