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Permits and Zoning

Zoning Plan and Usage and Standards Grid

The quality of life for residents is closely linked to coherent development across the entire territory. To this end, the Act respecting land use planning and development grants municipalities the right to acquire tools to regulate urban land use to ensure harmony between different sectors.

One of these tools is the zoning by-law. The zoning by-law aims to divide the territory into zones in order to lay down standards relating to land use and buildings in addition to building installation and appearance.   Preference is generally given to industrial use in sectors located farthest from residential sectors, whereas commercial use is preferred on the main arteries.

To find out if use is allowed at a given location, you need to refer to the zoning plan which shows boundaries and the usage and standards grid which identifies groups and categories of use authorized at a given location.

Zoning request – Usage and standards grid request

If you would like to find out about zoning and the usage and standards grid for a location or an address, visit the Urban planning by-laws directory page and go to the Zoning by-laws section. The information can be found in Appendices A (zoning plan) and C (usage and standards grid).

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  • You can come to the reception desk at City Hall located at 5 Boulevard D’Youville .

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