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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Acceptance of the terms of use

Before browsing on website, before registering to MyAccount and before using the Ville de Châteauguay – MyAccount application on your smartphone, please read our terms of use.

Ville de Châteauguay (hereinafter referred to as the “City”) provides its website, the Ville de Châteauguay – MyAccount mobile application and a platform to access the City’s digital services called MyAccount (hereinafter referred to as the “Platforms”), subject to your acceptance of the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of use”). They may be updated at any time without notice. These Platforms may contain various elements, including text, images, sound or video extracts, software, other elements and applications (the “content”) which is provided by the City solely for information purposes. By using the Platforms and accessing the content, you or your legal representative accept to be bound by these Terms of use.

  • Under the terms of the Charter of the French Language, the City writes all of its documents in French. Although the City is not required to do so, it translates some of its documents for residents into English out of courtesy.

    In the event of a discrepancy between the contents of the French and English versions, the French version will prevail at all times.

  • All amounts shown on the Platforms are Canadian dollars.

  • The City endeavours to present exhaustive and accurate information to you. However, the Platforms may contain inaccuracies, omissions, syntactic or typographic errors or other shortcomings. The City may accordingly amend the information on products, services or programs that it presents on its Platforms without notice.

    The Platforms and their entire content are made available to users without any guarantee. The City declines all liability relating to errors that may exist. The texts of laws and regulations in effect are the only legal documents that have force of law.

  • The Platforms regularly undergo technical maintenance, which may limit or prevent access on a temporary basis.

  • You undertake not to use any information or application featuring on the Platforms or links directing to said Platforms in the scope of claims, proceedings, suits or action against the City, its suppliers and its partners. The texts of laws and regulations in effect are the only legal documents that have force of law.

  • You must recognize that any element that you view or read on the Platforms is, unless otherwise stated, protected by copyright and may not be used without the City’s written permission, except by you for non-commercial purposes, provided that you do not amend the content and you do not remove any notice relating to copyright or other intellectual property rights therefrom. You are not allowed to copy or publish any part of the content for redistribution to third parties or for commercial purposes.

  • All trademarks, trade logos, service marks and other names, logos and symbols identifying products and services (the “Trademarks”) featuring on the Platforms are Trademarks registered or otherwise by the City and third parties.

  • Failure by the City to give notice of strict compliance with any provision hereof or to ensure such compliance will not be construed as a waiver of any provision hereof or the rights granted thereunder.

Personal information and privacy

Information that relates to a natural person or moral person and enables such person to be identified is personal information.

  • The City manages use of personal information in accordance with the standards laid down by the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (L.R.Q., c. A-2.1).

  • The information required to create a user account is stored by the City (5, boulevard D’Youville, Châteauguay (Québec) J6J 2P8). The information is collected to:

    • prevent users from having to sign in for each service request;
    • improve services;
    • reply correctly to questions, comments and suggestions.

    Only employees responsible for managing the Platforms or providing specific requested services will have access to the information. The information requested is mandatory to create an account. Without providing this information, you cannot take advantage of the benefits linked to your user account. You enjoy the rights to access and correct your personal information laid down by the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

  • The City does not lease, sell or trade any nominative personal information (for example, last name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) or financial information (credit card numbers) that may enable you to be identified.

    The City undertakes not to disclose this personal information unless it is required to do so in accordance with a legal obligation or court order, or in the scope of performance of a contract entrusted to a third party. When the City retains the services of an external company, it will use all appropriate means to protect your personal information in accordance with the law governing the City and collected, used, stored and destroyed in a manner that respects the regulatory framework applicable to the City.

  • The City will take all necessary measures to prevent your personal data from being accessible to third parties, other than authorized City administrators and employees. Your data may be stored outside of the country. In this case, the City will use its best efforts to guarantee the same level of protection as the protection afforded to data stored in Canada and will ensure that all applicable legal requirements are observed, including data protection requirements.

  • If you activate the geolocation function on your browser when using the Platforms, the City will use your position solely for the purpose of improving the ergonomics of the Platforms.

    The City does not track your position when you use the Platforms. You can disable the geolocation function on your device at any time by following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, disabling the geolocation function may prevent you from having access to some functionalities on the Platforms.

  • Cookie files (generally referred to as “cookies”) are used to facilitate and optimize your browsing on the Platforms. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored in the memory of your device used to view web pages. The cookies used by the City do not collect your personal information.

    Most browsers used to access the Internet enable cookies by default. You can change the privacy settings on your browser at any time to block cookies or delete cookies that have already been stored. This action does not prevent you from accessing the Platforms, but may have an impact on their performance during your visit.

  • The City uses analytics tools (Google Analytics) on its Platforms. The tools enable data to be collected, analyzed, measured and presented on visits made with the aim of understanding and optimizing Internet use.

    The City stores this type of information to count:

    • the number of visitors
    • the most visited pages
    • the technology used by users on its Platforms
    • referral websites
    • users’ country of origin

    Data collected by Google Analytics is transferred outside Canada to Google servers and may be processed in any country where Google operates servers. Data may be subject to legislation in this country. For more information on this analytical tool, please visit Google Analytics Terms of Service (available in English only).

  • In accordance with the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, a person may request access to their personal information and correction of their personal information. Requests for access and correction should be sent in writing to the information access officer.

    To find out the detailed procedure, please go to Request to access information.

  • All content submitted by users will be used in compliance with applicable laws on the submitted information.

Account creation and use of digital services

The account that residents can create on the City’s Platforms (hereinafter the “Account”) is intended for personal use. You cannot have more than one active Account and only the account holder is authorized to use it.

To use the digital services available on the Platforms, you may be required to provide personal information. Any information that you provide to the City must be precise, accurate, exhaustive and current at all times.

  • You accept and understand that you are responsible for the security and confidentiality of the password associated with your Account on the City’s Platforms. Therefore, you accept to be solely liable towards the City for all activities occurring on this Account.

    If you become aware or reasonably suspect any intrusion whatsoever, including any theft, loss, disclosure or unauthorized use of your login information, you must immediately notify us.

  • No process on the Platforms specifically requests information from minors or seeks to determine if the visitor is a minor. Personal information submitted on the Platforms by minors will be processed in the same way as personal information submitted by adults.

    The City firmly believes that parental supervision is an important factor in minors’ use of the Internet. Therefore, the City asks parents to provide guidance to their minor children when they are asked to provide personal information online. In addition, the City asks minors to obtain their parents’ permission before providing information online.

  • In the event of conduct deemed inappropriate or non-compliance with these Terms of use, the City reserves the right to suspend, disable or delete your Account.

  • In the event where a request made to the City does not comply with the Terms of use for the service offered or the information provided in the request proves to be inaccurate, or for any other reason deemed valid by the City, the latter reserves the right not to process this request. You will accordingly be informed that your request has been closed or not processed.

  • Access to the Platforms is free. However, you may incur costs linked to your Internet connection or transmitting data on networks (for example, SMS or MMS) depending on your use of the Platforms. You are entirely responsible for these costs.

  • The City applies high standards and uses high-performance security systems for the design, deployment and daily operating of the Platforms and its servers and underlying networks. In addition, the City endeavours to detect and block intrusions on or towards its Platforms.

    The City has implemented various means to make sure that your personal information is protected against risks of loss and theft, in addition to the risks of unauthorized access, disclosure, reproduction, use, amendment or destruction. These means include physical, administrative and technological security measures that it deems reasonable in view of the sensitivity level, quantity and format of the personal information collected and the storage methods.

  • When you browse on the Internet via your browser, it detects if the communication is adequately protected and displays a LOCK icon on the page to confirm that the communication session is secure. Be aware: this does not apply to the mobile application.

    The City uses the most secure encryption protocols available on its Platforms. All confidential data that transits between your communication device and the City’s Platforms is consequently protected by effective cryptographic means that guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

    Please note that the mobile application needs to be connected to an Internet network to function optimally.

  • The City cannot be held liable for any damage to your computer equipment or your other property, whether further to an infection by a virus or otherwise, insofar as such damage is linked to your access to the Platforms, your use of the Platforms, your browsing on the Platforms or your downloading of any content from the Platforms, including documents, data, texts or images.

  • The Platforms contain hyperlinks that grant access to websites owned and run by third parties. The City makes these hyperlinks accessible to users of its Platforms to facilitate their reading experience; the presence of such links does not mean in any way that the City endorses or has analyzed and verified the websites connected to these links. You are responsible for checking any information featuring on these websites before trusting the sources. Moreover, this information may be amended or updated at any time without any notice. Similarly, your use of the given websites may be subject to terms displayed on such websites. You are responsible for locating and reading such terms.

    In addition, the City makes no representations, grants no approvals and accepts no liability in relation to the content or scope of such websites. Finally, please note that the information displayed on these websites may not be available in French or English.

  • The City’s Platforms are hosted in Canada.

Code of ethics for users

  • The priority of the City is communicating respectfully. It asks users of its Platforms to adopt this same principle when communicating with the City and its representatives by email or via the Platforms. It also expects users of its Platforms to avoid any personal attack, inflammatory language or dispute with other community members.

    Administrators and users of the City’s Platforms are also required to prioritize this principle in all forms of online communications: informative content, visual content (graphics, photographs, etc.), chat, comment, etc.

    Users accept not to use the Platforms to:

    • submit false or inaccurate content;
    • submit content that does not relate to the designated theme or subject;
    • submit or make available any illegal, offensive, discriminatory, racist, obscene, disparaging, hateful, harassing, defamatory, insulting or otherwise reprehensible content;
    • cause harm to minors in any way whatsoever;
    • usurp the identity of any natural or moral person, or present your relationship with such a natural or moral person in an inaccurate or deliberately incorrect manner;
    • submit or make available any content that you do not have the right to make available under a law or in the scope of contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as privileged information acquired or disclosed in the scope of professional relationships or pursuant to a non-disclosure clause);
    • submit or make available any content that infringes any patent, registered trademark, trade secret, copyright or other property rights;
    • submit or make available any advertisement, chain letter, promotional materials, unwanted mail, spam, pyramid scheme or any other form of unwanted or unauthorized communication that does not relate to the City;
    • submit or make available any materials containing viruses or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit functionalities on any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;
    • take measures that inflict or may inflict an unreasonable or disproportionate load on the City’s technological infrastructure or submit requests that generate excessive traffic on the Platforms;
    • intentionally or involuntarily breach any applicable municipal, provincial, federal or international law;
    • track or harass others;
    • collect or store personal information on other users in relation to prohibited conduct and activities stipulated in the preceding points.

    The City reserves the right to delete any content that does not comply with these Terms of use, at its entire discretion and without notice.

    The City will correct any inaccurate or misleading information concerning it as soon as possible.


  • Transmitting information on the Internet is never a trivial matter or completely secure and the City cannot guarantee the security of your data transmissions. Therefore, all data that you transmit will be done so at your own risk.

    In spite of the City’s implementation of a personal information protection policy for the intention of its authorized administrators and employees, it is possible that such information is disclosed or intercepted without permission.

    The City cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage whatsoever sustained in relation to use of the Platforms, including inter alia: special, punitive, exemplary, incidental, non-pecuniary or consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of revenues or loss of information, damages for operating loss, loss or deletion of programs or data in an information system, and other expenses or damages resulting from use or unavailability of the Platforms. In addition, the City cannot be held liable for algorithms contained on the Platforms, incompatibility of any software downloaded or copied from the Platforms, interruption, defect, delay in processing or transmission, or presence of a computer virus, worm or Trojan horse, or other destructive elements or a power failure or system breakdown, whether the City is informed or not of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

    The user of the Platforms expressly waives all recourse against the City and holds the City harmless from and against any claim, recourse and damages of any kind deriving directly or indirectly from use of the City’s portal. The user also undertakes to defend the City, its employees, representatives and agents in any claim, application, recourse or proceedings brought against it by third parties in relation to the user’s use of the Platforms and, without restricting the general nature of the foregoing, will hold the City harmless with regard to capital, costs and interest from and against any judgment, conviction or decision that may be handed down against it and any amount that it is ordered to pay before or after the judgment in view of the foregoing.

    The City is not required to ensure compliance with these Terms of use on your behalf with regard to another user. Although the City encourages you to let it know if you believe that another user has breached these Terms of use, it reserves the right to carry out inquiries and take appropriate measures at its sole discretion.

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