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Public Works

The Public Works Division (Division des travaux publics) of Châteauguay is at your service.

Every day we help residents with all types of problems, in the most concrete and tangible areas of life in the municipality.

Consult the sections Fields of intervention, Seasonal advises and FAQ for answers to your questions.

Fields of intervention

Road network - Street repairs 
Lawn surface repairs, patching of potholes, resurfacing, reshaping and addition of gravel material to the shoulder area.

Road network - Street lighting 
Provision and maintenance of street lighting on public streets and intersections.

Road network - Snow removal 
Salting, snow-ice removal on sidewalks and streets.

Horticulture Division 
Tree trimming and cutting, tree and flower plantation and maintenance, vacant lot mowing, grass cutting on city rights of way and parks.

Playground and park equipment repairs, maintenance of ball fields and recreation facilities.

Street signs 
Installation of street signs, street lining and marking.

Refuse collection 
Recycling, household garbage and hazardous waste collection.

Sewers and Water system 
Maintenance and repair of storm sewers, water mains, water distribution system and sanitary sewers.

Maintenance of buildings 
Maintenance of all municipal buildings, arenas, and the Polydium.

Maintenance and repair of the entire municipal fleet.

Seasonal advises


What is not collected? 
The City does not collect stones, dirt or wood.

Dry materials disposal site :

Residents of Châteauguay can dispose of dry materials such as stone, asphalt, cement, rocks, branches, wood, etc., at the Ecocentre, 224 Industriel Boulevard, Châteauguay. The Ville d e Châteauguay is still looking for a solution after the end of the contract with the Ecocentre. (Read the Press Release).

Tel. number: 450.699.9401

Street repairs

After snow removal, occasionally a break or blockage of the sewer requires us to dig and then repair property or the street. These are repaired when the summer construction work begins, usually at the beginning of May. We carry out the repairs, district by district in the order determined by the Technical Service Commission.

Potholes and addition of gravel material :
In the spring it is often necessary to repair the holes in the roadway, or to add stone to the shoulders. We take into consideration your requests and carry out the work in the weeks that follow.


Water Service :
The Public Works Division (Division des travaux publics) may disconnect your residential water service to make necessary repairs or to adjust the water level. This is usually done the day following the call for repair.

We ask you to provide the Public Works Division (Division des travaux publics) with at least a 24-hour notice for requests in order to plan the work and to dispatch crews to your home. If there is an emergency and without proper notice, our working team might not be sent to your home in time, even if the plumber is already there. 

Sewer Blockage :
If your sanitary service line is blocked causing a back-up, the Public Works Division (Division des travaux publics) will check the sewer main and repair the line immediately if the problem is on City property.

A remote camera is used to locate the problem and to correct the blockage in the sewer main as soon as possible. However, if the blockage exists in your sewer service line, you will be responsible for the work. 


Slippery streets
During a snowstorm, remember that for most of the time our salt trucks are already on the job. What is good to know is that there is not always salt on the road. There is some on the main roadways and intersections (stops) only.
Winter is coming, let's be more careful!

Snow removal services
When an accumulation of 5 cm of snow occurs, snow removal and salt application normally begins on main arteries. Then, if the snow continues to fall to approximately 10 cm, the entire fleet of equipment is put into action to clean the City. It usually takes about 9 hours of work to remove snow, including the parking lots of the municipal buildings. However, if there is a snowfall of more than 20 cm, the snow removal will continue until the end of the storm. We ask that you do not park your vehicle on the street to enable the equipment to complete the snow removal operation and to keep garbage cans on your driveway. 

Frequently asked questions or concerns

Land is in unsatisfactory condition
It is usually referred to the (Permits Department) Service des permis for inspection.

Defective traffic lights 
If the problem is related to traffic lights on Saint-Jean-Baptiste, René-Levesque and the service road of highway 30, the complaint should be directed to the (Ministry of Transport) Ministère des transports. For any other traffic lights, the dispatcher contacts an electrician to have it fixed as soon as possible.

Dangerous tree or tree limbs
When a hazardous situation is reported, a horticulture technician investigates the problem and takes the proper corrective action. Please note thatt we do not pick up branches

Tree plantation program 
The dispatcher records the requests although it may not be granted because of a limited budget. Trees are planted on a priority basis, starting with those that needed to be replaced, then in the parks and along the streets, and finally on private properties from the first on the list.

Bad odours or colour to the water
The dispatcher enquires if there are repairs, construction and other maintenance work in the area. The closing of a valve or the use of a fire hydrant may cause the water to appear dirty. Running the water for about 20 minutes usually solve the problem, otherwise if it is persisting, the Service asks a supervisor to investigate.

Broken recycling bin
You may call the MRC Roussillon at 514.928.5227.

Park equipment out of order
Park equipment or cabins unfit for use are reported to the Supervisor who manages the repairs on a priority level.

Damaged road sign?
Reported problems are forwarded to the (Signalization Department) Division de la signalisation and will be examined on priority basis.

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