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Recycling bins

Only blue bins are accepted. 

Châteauguay supplies recycling bins for free.

Put your bins out in the right way

  • Put the bin in the parking space near the street (the sidewalk, street and cycling path must be kept clear).
  • Turn the wheels to face your home.
  • Leave a space of 60 cm (2 ft.) around the bin.
  • Close the lid and do not place anything on top of the bin.

It is prohibited to:

  • use your recycling bin as a garbage bin;
  • deliberately alter the bin.

Are you moving?  Leave the bin! The blue bin is the property of the city and must stay at the address where it was delivered.

Recycling bin

© MRC de Roussillon

Answers to your questions

  • Did your bin get damaged during the collection process?  Request a bin repair!

  • Have you moved? Has your bin been stolen? Do you want an extra bin?  Request a bin!

  • You can ask the MRC de Roussillon to remove the separator from your bin and replace the partitioned lid with a simple one. Request a bin without a divider!

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