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Stormwater and Sewer System

Boil-Water Advisory

Boil-water advisories are to protect public health. An advisory may be issued for preventive reasons, if there is a risk of contamination after repairs to waterworks conduits or due to non-compliant test results on the raw water (before treatment). The law obliges the municipality to issue an advisory even if the results are related to untreated water.

When water is boiled for at least one minute, all the micro-organisms that could affect human health are destroyed.

If even boiled water would not be safe to consume, a do-not-drink order will be issued and the city will take specific measures to ensure that the residents are informed.

Preventive boil water advisory lifted on rue Donald

The preventive boil water advisory in the sector of rue Donald is now lifted. It is no longer necessary to boil water before consumption.

A door hanger was distributed to concerned residences and businesses. In case of brown water, let the water run through the bath tap until it becomes colorless.

  • If the advisory affects just a small part of the city, such as a few streets due to a watermain break, the city will distribute door hangers to all the affected residences. If a larger part of the city is affected, a variety of means will be used to inform the public:

  • Water boiled for one minute, or bottled water, must be used until further notice.

    Schools, businesses, shops and institutions

    Inform your clients that the water is unfit for consumption. Turn off water fountains and post signs in places where water is still available.

    To find out more about what to do in the event of a boil-water advisory, please see:

    • our webpage on civil security and drinking water contamination or shortages
    • the brochure published by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

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