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Water Meter

Let’s all participate together in the effort of saving drinking water!

The Quebec Drinking Water Saving Strategy 2011-2017 was implemented by the ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation du Québec (MAMH) with the aim of saving drinking water. It makes the grant of financial assistance contingent on municipalities adopting water saving and leak reduction measures.

Ville de Châteauguay consequently needs to install 380 new water meters in residential buildings in 2022 in order to comply with this government directive. This is a statistical sampling carried out on a randomly basis. These 380 residential buildings will help us paint a picture of the use of drinking water in the territory in order to improve management of this important resource.

An analysis will first be carried out in order to plan the installation. A mandate will then be awarded to a plumbing contractor who will be in charge of this operation in 2022. The plumbing contractor will schedule an appointment with you before coming to your residential building. Maintenance and breakage linked to the water meter will be borne by Châteauguay. However, the building owner is required to keep the premises above freezing point to avoid breakage.

Châteauguay will read the meters at least once a year. The operation will be carried out using a remote reading system which will automatically read the water meter by telecommunication means. No city representative will consequently come to your residential building to read the meter unless there is a problem with the meter.

No additional tax or other amount ratified by the municipal council will be applied. Residential buildings that will be fitted with meters are currently subject to a water tax set annually by the municipal council. This by-law applies uniformly across the territory of Châteauguay. Costs relating to water supplies will remain the same across the territory.

Residents who are interested in installing a water meter for free in their residential building can complete the following online form or call us at 450-698-3000.

Online Form

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