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Stormwater and Sewer System

Watermain Break

Watermain break rue Drouin repaired

UPDATE: Thursday, January 26, 3:50 p.m.

Please be advised that the water main break that occured at 126, rue Drouin is repaired and the water supply is restored.

During freeze-thaw cycles or after a breakage, the waterworks system may be damaged or start to leak. In order to repair the damage, the exact location of the problem must be found which requires the opening and closing of water valves to isolate the leak. These procedures result in a temporary interruption in the water supply in the area affected by the watermain break.

Since it is impossible to warn the citizens in advance before shutting the water supply off in these circumstances, many communication methods were put in place. An alert regarding the watermain break is published on this page as well as on our Facebook page, and the information is updated regularly to inform the citizens about the progress of the repairs.

In the streets affected by the interruption, the procedure used in this situation is to drive a public works truck marked “Égout et aqueduc” that sounds a warning signal for about ten minutes before the water is shut off.

Most repair jobs take an average of three to four hours, but they may take longer, depending on the type of problem encountered. If the service is not restored, you can contact us in either of the following ways:

Outside of opening hours, you can also contact the police service at 450-698-1331, option 5.

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