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Street and Sidewalk Maintenance

Maintenance and Seasonal Operations

Ville de Châteauguay carries out municipal maintenance on a regular basis. Many kinds of work are done throughout the year, such as snow removal, park maintenance, flushing the waterworks system, etc. This section provides information about maintenance periods and seasonal operations.

  • pothole


    All year but especially in the spring, our maintenance teams scour the city streets looking for pavement damage caused by the winter weather, the spring thaw, heavy rains and erosion. Find out more

    You can help make pothole repair more effective by reporting potholes.

    Street and sidewalk sweep

    Street and sidewalk sweeping

    Beginning in mid-April, teams sweep the streets, sidewalks and cycling trails to remove the sand and gravel spread during the winter. Find out more

    Playground games

    Playground cleanup

    All the city’s playgrounds are carefully examined at the end of spring to remove debris that accumulated over the winter.

    The sand is raked and, if required, replaced. All the play equipment, swings and sports equipment are inspected and repaired, as required.

    urban furniture

    Maintenance and installation of urban furniture

    As soon as the teams can access the spaces, tables, benches, garbage cans and other urban furniture are set up so everyone can take full advantage of the good weather when it arrives.

    Help us keep the urban furniture in good condition and report damage you notice.

    bicycle paths

    Installation of bollards on bicycle paths

    Safety bollards mark the bicycle paths. The installation takes about 11 weeks and begins as soon as the street cleaning and marking is over.

    trees and benches next to the river

    Maintenance of the urban forest

    In the spring, our teams tour the urban forest to identify trees that have been damaged during the winter or ravaged by disease. Every felled tree is replaced. The teams also maintain the forest by pruning and trimming some trees.

    You can help us maintain the trees on city property by reporting any city tree that shows signs of disease or is a safety hazard.

  • water pipes

    Flushing the waterworks system

    The system is flushed by increasing the flow and reversing the direction of the flow in order to clean the underground pipes in a particular area. Find out more

    Keep an eye out for flushing notices to know when and where the system is being flushed.

    park swings

    Maintenance and inspection of playgrounds

    In spring, our teams clean the playgrounds, and in summer they pay special attention to maintenance, to keep everything safe for the children.

    Help us keep the playgrounds in good condition by reporting damage that you notice.


    Road marking

    In the summer, we refresh lane lines, crosswalks, stop lines, etc. Find out more


    Maintenance of parks and green spaces

    In summer, the teams maintain the parks and green spaces by taking care of lawns and trails, pruning trees, etc. Our ecological approach to park maintenance means that we do not use any herbicides to control dandelions and other undesirable plants. Instead, we use aeration, soil pH balance (sufficient fertilization) and location-appropriate grass seeding to control weeds.

    worker on pitcher's mound

    Maintenance of sports facilities

    In Châteauguay, there are 7 soccer fields and 7 baseball diamonds. They are maintained daily. The grass has to be mowed and maintained and the lines have to be drawn. The furniture in these facilities is also maintained and repaired by our teams.

    city landscaping

    Floral displays and landscaping at municipal buildings

    This involves a dozen or so sites, such as city hall, the fire station,the police office, the public works building and the library.

  • water parks

    Closure of water parks

    Once fall arrives, the water parks are closed until the following spring.

    bench under a tree

    Removal of urban furniture and equipment in parks

    The urban furniture and certain other equipment go back into storage for the entire winter season.

    worker removing bollards on cycling trails

    Removal of bollards on cycling trails

    The bollards are removed in the fall and cleaned and repaired over the winter. The reflective stickers are replaced as required.

  • snow removal

    Snow and ice removal

    Clearing the snow and ice from streets, sidewalks, pedestrian walkways and cycling trails is a complex activity that involves piling, blowing and transporting snow as soon as there is an accumulation of about 5 cm of snow, hail or ice. Find out more

    You can help us by reporting any problems related to snow removal.

    worker spaying water on ice rink

    Installation and maintenance of skating rinks

    Every winter, our teams install rink boards and maintain the rinks.

    To find out about the condition of the rinks in your area, please go to the Info-patinoires page.

  • library entrance

    Maintenance of indoor plants, decorations for municipal buildings and decorations for special events

    For celebrations like Christmas and Hallowe’en, our teams put up decorations on the city’s buildings and they also maintain the indoor plants.

    worker putting christmas tree in his truck

    Collection of branches and Christmas trees

    Every January, our teams collect Christmas trees, and in spring and fall, they collect branches. Find out more

    STOP painted on pavement

    Street and sidewalk maintenance

    Throughout the year, our teams maintain public thoroughfares, including:

    • Paving streets
    • Repairing roadside shoulders, safety rails, overpasses and lawns damaged by snow removal
    • Mowing roadsides and cutting grass around sidewalks

    traffic light

    Traffic lights and signage

    Our teams maintain the traffic lights and maintain and install traffic signs, including:

    • Street names
    • Regulatory and information panels

    Find out more

    worker fixing street lamps

    Lighting and streetlights

    This includes lighting in the streets and for sports fields, parks and parking lots. Find out more

    Janitors sweeping

    Building maintenance

    Maintenance of city buildings, including city hall, the library, the municipal workshops, etc.

    open faucet

    Waterworks network

    Our teams:

    • Distribute millions of litres of water every year
    • Maintain a network of pipes, hydrants and water meters for business and industries
    • Maintain the waterworks reservoir

    Find out more

    sewer lid


    Sewer maintenance consists of:

    • Maintaining and cleaning the sanitation and stormwater conduits
    • Repairing catch-basins and manholes
    • Inspecting fire hydrants
    • Flushing the waterworks system

    Find out more

    mechanic under a vehicle



    Maintenance and repair of the municipal fleet

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